Tyler Hawn – “Three Championships in a row is no easy task.”

Since the beginning stages of the Knightworks Design OSCAAR Hot Rods, Tyler Hawn has been one of the drivers involved with the series. He also has found a knack for being successful, and that did not change in 2019.

The second generation racer can now call himself a three-time champion as he was able to top Steve Book and Nick Clarke in the year-end standings for the title.

“It feels amazing,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “Three Championships in a row is no easy task. And this year it was the hardest one yet. The 47 Team (Bok) was on us all season and finished under 20 points behind us. That was too close for comfort. We will have to step it up if we want a fourth in a row next year, for sure.”

Over the course of the season, Hawn put up the numbers with four feature wins, nine heat victories, and nine top-five finishes. But it wasn’t one of those checkered flags that stood out as his favourite moment of the year, but rather the “30-lap battle with Booky in the feature at Fall Colours.” With the championship on the line, the pair battled back and forth through the final laps, with Book ultimately coming out on top.

The year-end Autumn Colours Classic was just one of many top-notch battles from 2019, as the series continues to grow each season with new faces, and drivers getting faster.

“There is no doubt the competition is getting much stronger,” Hawn commented. “It’s getting competitive enough that if you have bad starting position. It’s tough to make it through the field for a top-three. There are more teams coming out in 2020 that will also make it hard whenever they can.”

It was why the Hawn Motorsports team knows that they will need to be on top of their game for 2020, something that Hawn felt they lacked a little this past season.

“We honestly weren’t as all over the car this season as much as we would have liked,” he admitted. “Not that we didn’t care or want to be on top of it. But life was really demanding for the whole team in 2019 so we balanced as best we could. We can see the difference in our average finishing position, but we will be back to max effort in 2020.”

The team will once again be kicking off their season by unveiling a paint scheme design on the Beaumont at the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo in March.

“We have a ton of things that are in the works right now behind the scenes,” Hawn commented. “Don’t want to spoil any surprises though. Let’s just say it might wind up being the biggest season for Hawn Motorsports yet!”

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