Delaware Speedway

From Bone Stocks to Late Models, Kris Lawrence Finds Success in 2019

Although everyone seemed to be focus on Kris Lawrence making the jump into the Pro Late Model division, it was the Bone Stock that ended up catching the attention by year-end. After all, he was able to take home the championship at Delaware Speedway this past season.

“Winning the championship wasn’t my plan when I started the season,” he admitted to SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I knew when the season started a few of the dominant guy from last season have moved up into other divisions and a couple went to other tracks so there was a good chance for a new champion. We got really lucky early winning opening night and a few other features early got us a strong lead. We were able to capitalize when others had bad luck and we made the best of the hard crash and a roll over that resulted in a DNF.

“It was a solid team effort and we were very fortunate to end up on top. I’m not sure if I will return for a shot at back to back but my team is building up some cars to compete.”

The success also followed him to Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest, as he was able to score the overall victory by finishing first and third in the pair of features.

“I have come to really enjoy bringing my Bone Stocks to Flamboro,” he commented. “I have only done the invitationals but would like to see how I stack up on a regular night. Frostoberfest was awesome. I usually don’t do well at Flamboro and have struggled in the playoffs because everyone seems to step up on what they had at the end of the season.

“Getting my first Flamboro win was enough motivation to go through and refresh my Frankenstein car. We actually found the motor was down on power, likely from the flip at Delaware mid season. I hope to bring the car back for a race or 2 in 2020.”

As previously noted, moving up to Late Model was on the radar for Lawrence, and it turned into a experience that he admits was bittersweet. In the end, he placed eighth in the year-end standings at Delaware, sixth in points at Sauble Speedway, with the Rookie of the Year Award at Sauble.

“It was some of the most fun I have had on track in years but the new car gremlins and an on-track incident resulted in six DNFS,” he said. “However, I was also able to challenge for a win at both Delaware and Sauble Speedway. Now APC (Series) has allowed the Camaro body I run, so if funding and crew allow, I might try an APC event.”

He was also quick to add one of his favourite nights was the chance to race his brother Jordan Lawrence for the win on the final night of the year at Delaware prior to his panhard bar breaking.

From the experience, he notes the biggest surprise was seeing how many other rookies joined the late model ranks.

“There was a lot of rookies and a huge range of experience,” he explained. “It made for some interesting racing running against go cart racers, mini stock, super stock and veteran late model drivers all in one race.”

Lawrence’s own success was just the tip of the iceberg in success for him and his team, as Jordan Lawrence won the Delaware Speedway Late Model Championship, fourth in APC Series points and Rookie of the Year. Additionally, Kassey Howard put together a consistent season en route to placing ninth in Bone Stock points.

“I think everyone has a lot more going on in their shops then people realize,” Kris Lawrence said. “I try to run a regular maintenance program on the bone stocks, which adds up quick with multiple cars. I have slowly been building a group of guys that help me through the week as well as a few extras that are always there at the track for us which is huge. This was the first year I actually needed a spotter and had a few nights where I had to either hire someone or volunteer my girlfriend to spot.”

Originally at the end of the season, Lawrence was planning to cutback on his racing plans to focus finances towards his house. However, he recently won a sponsorship package from Inside Track Magazine that will change his plans.

“Since I went part time in 2013, I haven’t gone out looking for sponsorship like I used to and I just run what I can on my own budget,” he commented. “Now that I have dedicated racing funds, the team and I are looking to capitalize and are just waiting for schedules to be released. As of now, the team is planning to register three bone stocks for myself, Kassy Howard and a driver development car similar to what Rich Schwartzenburg is doing with the mini stock project. We still haven’t decided how we are deciding who drives but the car is in the process of being built regardless.

“I would like to run full time late model at Delaware with a potential APC start. Jukasa (Motor Speedway) is always a track I like to get to once or twice; maybe the body will be approved for short track nationals and I can run in the big money show. Really, it will come down to scheduling and funding but I hope to have some cars on track next season.”

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