Peterborough Speedway

Kyle Neumeister Scores Autumn Colours Classic Victory

Despite crossing the finish line in second, Kyle Neumeister picked up the victory in Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colours Classic feature.

Nick Lees won the first heat ahead of Ryan Oosterholt, Kris Khan, Michael Neumeister, Jordan Morris, Phil Givens, Chris Tubman, James Stewart, Shawn Solomon, Darren Galvin, and Russ Couture.

The second heat would feature an incident on Lap 2 involving David Rockwood. Stephen Bierworth picked up the win ahead of Dave Butcher, Brandon Hannah, John Lavalle, McGibbon, Bryan Knox, Fred Jordan, Jeff Stewart, Mike Sellars, and Scott Simpson.

The third heat also featured a quick yellow flag when Christen Lavalle spun Chris Hiebert on Lap 6. Steve Finnegan picked up the win ahead of Dave Feeney, Kyle Neumeister, Paul Kuleba, Connor Parkes, the 11, Joshua Munro, and Brian Ferroni.

The fourth heat would not go as planned, with Oosterholt suffering a mechanical failure. Kris Khan picked up the win ahead of Tubman, Stewart, Lees, Solomon, Michael Neumeister, Couture, Galvin, and Givens.

Alex McGibbon won the fifth heat ahead of John Lavalle, Rockwood, Hannah, Bieworth, Knox, Butcher, Jordan, and Simpson.

The sixth heat featured a yellow flag on the first lap with Joshua Munro going around in turn one. Then on Lap 3, Ferroni got turned on the frontstretch by Klueba. Kyle Neumeister picked up the win ahead of Feeney, Finnegan, Christen Lavalle, Parkes, Kuleba, Munro, and Glen Schmidt.

The Bone Stocks would require a b-main to set the tail of the field with 31 cars on the property. Unfortunately, Kuleba did not even get a chance to race for his position due to breaking before the green flag. The mechanical problems continued with Sellars pulling off on Lap 9, followed by Schmidt’s car dying on Lap 10.

Phil Givens picked up the win to transfer ahead of Russ Couture, Brian  Ferroni, and Scott Simpson. Darren Galvin and Jeff Stewart would be the first two cars to not make the show.

The feature started off with a big wreck involving Connor Parkes, James Stewart, Fred Jordan, Dave Butcher, Ryan Oosterholt, Shawn Solomon, and Michael Neumeister. Joshua Munro managed to escape the maylay, but needed to pit after running over a bumper cover.

The second attempt to start the event would not go smoother as Stephen Bierworth went around in turn two. Under caution, Shawn Dunford headed down pit road to the attention of his pit crew.

The third attempt went smoothly, despite Bryan Knox getting sideways through the grass, as Kris Khan jumped out to the early lead ahead of Steve Finnegan, Dave Feeney, Kyle Neumeister, Alex Lees, Alex McGibbon, and Chris Tubman. Tubman would get alongside McGibbon for sixth on Lap 5, with Neumeister alongside Feeney for third a lap later.

Feeney held off the challenge by Neumeister, with Lees looking to follow him through. He wouldn’t get the opportunity, as the caution came out on Lap 11 for a crash on the frontstretch involving Stewart and David Rockwood. With 30 laps to go, Khan led Finnegan, Feeney, Neumeister, Lees, Tubman, McGibbon, and Brandon Hannah.

Khan got a good restart as Neumeister got alongside Mercer for second on Lap 12, completing the pass a lap later. Tubman then moved up into third on Lap 15 ahead of Lees and Finnegan, with Mercer back to sixth ahead of McGibbon, John Lavalle, Hannah, and Paul Kuleba. Morris would get by Kuleba for 10th on Lap 18, bringing Parkes, and Solomon through with him.

With 21 laps on the board, Hannah would lose a tire on the front stretch, before receiving contact from behind courtesy of Butcher. Tubman avoided Hannah, but would run over the tire, getting some air in the process. Thankfully, no drivers were injured in the incident.

Kris Khan got a good restart and led the rest of the way en route to crossing the finish line first. However, he would be disqualified post-race, along with the third-place finisher Alex Lees.

Kyle Neumeister was credited as the winner ahead of Dave Feeney, Jordan Morris, Steve Finnegan, and Connor Parkes. John Lavalle finished sixth, followed by Alex McGibbon, Russ Couture, and Paul Kuleba.

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