Peterborough Speedway

Frank Davey Caps Off Final Full-Time Season with ACC Victory

Upon being crowned the 2019 Sunset Speedway Super Stock Champion, Frank Davey revealed post-race that this would be his last full-time year in racing. He put the perfect ice cap on the season at Peterborough Speedway, taking the Autumn Colours Classic victory.

Ethan Constable won the first heat ahead of Cory McAllister, Tim Burke, Frank Davey, Howie Crowe, Tyler Bouillon, Steve Adams, and Brad Lavalle.

The caution would come out on Lap 3 for Everingham spinning Richards; under the yellow flag, Everingham took blame, allowing Richards to get his position back. Dan Archibald picked up the win ahead of Treyten Lapcevich, Todd Davenport, Richards, Everingham, Tom Walters, Marlie Owen, Justin Collison, Steve Cashmore, and Paul Boundy. As they field came across the line, Walters made contact with the outside wall.

Frank Davey won the third heat ahead of Constable, Burke, McAllister, Crowe, Bouillon, Grubb, and Lavalle.

Dan Archibald went for the daily double ahead of Collison, Lapcevich, Everingham, Cashmore, Richards, Owen, Davenport, and Boundy.

Following qualifying, Dan Archibald started on pole for the feature and grabbed the early advantage ahead of Ethan Constable, Treyten Lapcevich, Frank Davey, Tim Burke, and Coltin Everingham. Everingham would challenge Burke for fifth on Lap 3, ultimately completing the pass three laps later as Cory McAllister rounded out the top-seven.

With eight laps on the board, Archibald continued to lead as Lapcevich got alongside Constable for second. Lapcevich moved into second a lap later, bringing Davey through with him to bump Constable back to fourth. Everingham ran fifth ahead of Burke, McAllister, Rob Richards, Justin Collison, and Todd Davenport.

Davenport would get alongside Collison for 10th on Lap 14, but the caution came out for Brandon McFerran riding the backstretch wall courtesy of contact with Tom Walters. With 37 laps to go, Archibald led Lapcevich, Davey, Constable, Everingham, Burke, McAllister, Richards, Davenport, Marlie Owen, Tyler Bouillon, Steve Cashmore, Ken Grubb, Howie Crowe, Walters, and Steve Adams.

The first attempt at a restart produced another caution, with Bouillon sliding through the frontstretch grass. The chaos continued to the backstretch, with Owen getting stuck on top of Davenport as both Everingham and McAllister went around,

The second attempt would see Walters run into issues, but everybody was able to keep it clean without another caution. Archibald would hold down the fort, with Davey getting by Lapcevich for second ahead of Everingham and Burke. McAllister would get alongside Constable for sixth on Lap 19, completing the pass a lap later, bringing Cashmore and Grubb through with him.

McAllister continued to move back forward, passing Burke for fifth on Lap 21. The caution then came out, though, as three-wide into turn three with Crowe, Collison, and Owen resulted in Crowe going around for the spin, collecting Bouillon. Walters would pull off under the yellow flag, done for the event.

The restart would see McAllister get squirrely, but everybody was able to keep it together as Archibald led Davey, Lapcevich, Everingham, Cashmore, Burke, Grubb, Davenport, McAllister, Constable, Richards, and Owen. Grubb would get alongside Burke for sixth on Lap 27, completing the pass a lap later.

Owen continued to move back forward, passing Richards for 11th, as Adams ran 13th in front of Paul Boundy, Collison, Bouillon, and Bryan Penny. Grubb would then get alongside Cashmore for fifth on Lap 32, as Burke continued to run seventh.

With 34 laps on the board, Archibald led Davey, Lapcevich, Everingham, Grubb, Cashmore, Burke, Davenport, and McAllister. Davenport would pass Burke for seventh on Lap 37, bringing McAllister and Owen through with him.

The caution then came out a lap later for Archibald spinning the lapped car of Penny off of turn two. Constable would pull off under the yellow flag, done for the event.

Archibald got a good restart as Davey and Lapcevich battled for second, but the caution would come out for Adams climbing the wall. With 11 laps to go, Archibald led Lapcevich, Davey, Grubb, Everingham, Davenport, Cashmore, McAllister, Owen, Richards, Adams, Boundy, and Crowe.

The restart would produce the fifth caution with Cashmore going around on the backstretch. The second attempt would go cleaner with Archibald leading Davey, as Lapcevich and Everingham battled for third. Everingham took the spot on lap 41 ahead of Lapcevich and Davenport.

Davenport would move into fourth on Lap 22, bringing Grubb through with him to bump Lapcevich back to sixth. McAllister ran sixth ahead of Owen, Richards, Boundy, and Adams. Everingham would then make his move, passing Davey for second on Lap 47.

As the laps continued to count down, the top-two would come closer together. Everingham would make his move on the white flag lap, making slight contact with Archibald’s bumper in the process. As Archibald got sideways, Everingham made his way by and set sail down the backstretch. Archibald would mount a challenge back, getting into the back of Everingham entering turn three, resulting in both drivers crashing into the turn three and four wall.

Frank Davey inherited the lead, and held off Ken Grubb en route to scoring the victory. Todd Davenport finished third, followed by Cory McAllister and Treyten Lapcevich. Steve Adams finished sixth, followed by Marlie Owen, Rob Richards, Justin Collison, and Steve Cashmore. Paul Boundy and Howie Crowe rounded out the top-12.

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