Outlaw Midgets

Jessica James Scores Outlaw Midget Victory at Sunset Speedway

Jessica James started off the Outlaw Midget Fall Brawl the exact way that she wanted to – by winning the first round at Sunset Speedway’s Velocity 250.

Richard Woodland won the first heat ahead of Mike Bradley, Rob McCall, Wally Wilson, Wayne McKibbon, Larry Lawson, Kevin Spiez, the 46, the 84, and Monty Farrell.

The second heat would go smoothly, with Adam Carrothers going around on the backstretch while racing with Jody Bound and making contact with the wall. Robin McLean picked up the checkered flag ahead of Jessica James, Josh Inglis, Ryan Brown, Lorne Van Dusen, Zack Millman, Dave Bradley, and Bound.

Richard Woodland went for the daily double ahead of Mike Bradley, Spiez, Wilson, the 46, McKibbon, Lawson, Farrell, and the 84.

Jessica James won the fourth heat ahead of Bound, McLean, Brown, Inglis, Carrothers (driving McCall’s car), Dave Bradley, and Van Dusen.

Come feature time, Jessica James started pole ahead of Kevin Spiez, Jody Bound, Josh Inglis, Wally Wilson, Ryan Brown, Wayne McKibbon, Richard Woodland, Mike Bradley, Larry Lawson, Lorne Van Dusen Jr., Adam Carrothers, Zack Millman, Monty Farrell, the 29, the 81, the 46, the 84, and Dave Bradley.

The first lap would see a caution immediately with the 29 slowing with a problem, at the same time, Woodland went around in turn three, but he would get his spot back.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between James and Bound, as Inglis and Woodland battled for third. Woodland got the spot on Lap 2 ahead of Inglis, as Mike Bradley went three-wide with Brown and Spiez for fifth. Bradley got the spot on Lap 3 ahead of Brown, Spiez, Carrothers, Wilson, and McKibbon.

At the front of the field, James would take a commanding lead on Lap 5 ahead of Bound, Woodland, Bradley, Brown, Carrothers, Spiez, Wilson, McKibbon, Van Dusen, the 81, Dave Bradley, Millman, Lawson, and the 46 as the 29 and Farrell ran side-by-side for 17th.

Through the beginning stages of the event, the field remained the same with the leaders beginning to work their way through lap traffic. As they did, Woodland was able to get alongside Bound for second on Lap 11. He would take the spot a lap later, bringing Mike Bradley through with him. Bound now ran fourth ahead of Carrothers, Brown, Wilson, Spiez, McKibbon, Van Dusen, and Dave Bradley.

The caution would come out on Lap 17 as a result of the 29 losing a wheel on the frontstretch.

The restart would bring chaos, with Woodland sliding sideways through turns one and two. He would then slide up the track, collecting others including Wilson and Van Dusen, before coming back across and making contact with the backstretch wall. Woodland would be taken to hospital for precautionary reasons, but all drivers involved are expected to make full recoveries.

The race was called at this point with Jessica James getting the win ahead of Mike Bradley and Adam Carrothers.

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