Ontario Legend Series

Greg Rudzik Scores Ontario Legends Series Velocity 250 Victory

Battling up front all feature long, Greg Rudzik held off all challengers en route to winning the Ontario Legends Series feature on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway.

Nick Ledson won the first heat ahead of Parker Traves, Joe Adams, Rob MacDonnell, Cole McFadden, the 55, Wesley Cuthberton, Kaiden Legge, the 67, and Cody Newell.

The second heat would see Adam Cuthbertson spin on Lap 9 for the first caution, with Matt Haufe receiving the black flag for getting into Kenny McNicol. McNicol picked up the win ahead of Miles Tyson, Zach Latimer, Jason Legge, Andrew Massey, Dan Arnott, Rob Gibbons, Glenn Morris, the 67, and Adam Cuthbertson.

Greg Rudzik won the third heat ahead of Kevin Foisy, Connor James, Dawson Drimmie, Paul Pierik, the 3, the 58, Cory Richardson, Robin Jongen, Joe Sherman, and Howard Bentley.

Thereā€™d be a quick caution in the fourth heat on Lap 3 for debris. Nick Ledson went for the daily double ahead of Traves, Adams, Newell, MacDonnell, Kaiden Legge, Wesley Cuthbertson, the 55, the 67, Cole McFadden, and Rick Splawnyk.

Miles Tyson won the fifth heat ahead of McNicol, Legge, Adam Cuthbertson, Haufe, Latimer, Massey, Arnott, Morris, Gibbons, and the 65.

Kevin Foisy won the sixth heat ahead of the 3, Drimmie, the 58, James, Rudzik, Pierik, Richardson, Jongen, Sherman, and Bentley.

With over 30 cars on the property, a b-main would be used to set the back half of the field and see who would officially make the show. The race would not go cleanly, with Morris spinning in turn two on Lap 4, with Cole McFadden heading pit side the same lap. The restart would then see Bentley spin in turn two.

The third caution then came out on Lap 7 for Morris and Gibbons on the backstretch, followed by a fourth yellow flag two circuits later for Richardson spinning in turn four. Matt Haufe picked up the win ahead of Wesley Cuthbertson, Thomas Dunn, Legge, Jongen, Arnott, Sherman, Morris, Gibbons, Bentley, the 95, and the 67.

The feature would not start off smoothly, with a wreck right off the bat on the frontstretch between Joe Adams and Kevin Foisy.

The second attempt to start the race would go smoother, with Kenny McNicol grabbing the initial advantage ahead of Greg Rudzik, as Parker Traves and Miles Tyson battled for third ahead of Nick Ledson. The battle for third did not go well, with the second caution coming out on Lap 4 for Tyson spinning Traves in turns one and two.

With 22 laps to go, McNicol led Rudzik, Ledson, Adam Cuthbertson, Dawson Drimmie, the 3, Rob MacDonnell, the 58, Jason Legge, Connor James, Andrew Massey, Matt Haufe, Paul Pierik, Wesley Cuthbertson, Robin Jongen, and Don Arnott.

McNicol got a good restart to hold the lead with Ledson moving up into second ahead of Rudzik. However, the third caution would fall on Lap 5 for Latimer running into mechanical issues off of turn two.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between McNicol and Rudzik, with Rudzik moving into the top spot ahead of McNicol, Ledson, Adam Cuthbertson, Drimmie, and James. McNicol and Ledson would go back and forth for second through the next four laps, with Ledson taking over the spot on Lap 11 ahead of McNicol, Cuthbertson, Drimmie, James, and Traves.

Traves continued to make up ground, getting alongside and passing James for sixth on Lap 14, bringing Haufe and MacDonnell through with him. James now ran ninth ahead of Massey and Legge. Ledson would track down Rudzik for the lead, and tried to get by him a couple different times, but was unable to do so as the leaders weaved their way through lap traffic.

Greg Rudzik picked up the win ahead of Nick Ledson, Kenny McNicol, Parker Traves, and Adam Cuthbertson. Matt Haufe finished sixth, followed by Dawson Drimmie, Rob MacDonnell, Connor James, and Jason Legge. Andrew Massey finished 11th, followed by Paul Pierik, the 55, and Joe Sherman.

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