Flamboro Speedway

Ontario Mini Stock Top-10 Ranking Week No. 9

In a unique partnership, ShortTrackMusings.com has partnered with the Ontario Mini Stocks facebook to put together a top-10 ranking of the best asphalt Mini Stock drivers across the province.

STM’s owner Ashley McCubbin and Rich Schwartzenburg from OMS FB put together a expert panel consisting of five members that will work together to rank the top-10 drivers on a bi-weekly basis throughout the season. The diversity of the panel from drivers to car builders to sponsors to car owners and media brings a variety of insights and opinions to the table.

The list is meant to shed light on the division, create talking points, inspire reaction and have fun. So please make sure to react, comment, like and share.

Five disqualifications, combined with seven different race winners made for an interesting week for the panel as they debated who should remain on the list. 14 drivers were discussed, but this is the Mini Stock Top-10 so four of those would miss the cut. So who made the cut, and did we get it right?

1. Erik Dalla Riva

Previous Mentions: Ranked sixth week eight, 10th week seven, second week five, third week four, fourth Week 3, ninth Week 2, ninth pre-season

Erik Dalla Riva is still fast behind the wheel of the No. 30 Mustang, finishing second and first at Flamboro Speedway on August 17. In 16 features this season at the Hamilton, Ontario based oval this season, he has scored 14 top-five’s with no finishes worse than seventh.

He then took his success to Sunset Speedway, accepting the $1,000 challenge to give up his second-place starting spot to start from the tail of the field for the 50-lap invitational. He was able to make up a lot of ground, finishing third despite some mid-race controversy.

2. Eric Yorke

Previous Mentions: Ranked sixth week six, Drivers to Watch List

Running a limited schedule, Eric Yorke is making the most out of it. He won both of his heats at Sunset Speedway’s 50-lap invitational, earning the pole position. He then led throughout, holding off a hard mid-race challenge from Samantha Shaw to score the victory. It marked his second trip to victory lane this season at the Innisfil, Ontario oval after a top-five at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

3. Samantha Shaw

Previous Mentions: Ranked third week eight, second week seven, first week six, eighth week two, fifth pre-season

Coming into the season, Samantha Shaw was one of the most talked about drivers at Sunset Speedway. She is backing up that conversation, as she finished second in the invitational at her home track on August 17. She then backed it up with a runner-up finish this past weekend. It’s worth nothing that this season in nine features, she has yet to score a finish worse than third.

1. Ryan Oosterholt

Previous Mentions: Ranked first week eight, fifth week four, third pre-season

Ryan Oosterholt has been impressive this season at Peterborough Speedway, as he was able to add another victory to the win column this past weekend. Notably, it marks his second mini stock feature victory for the month, to go along with a bone stock win on August 3.

5. Karl Sault

Previous Mentions: Ranked fourth week eight, eighth week six, second week three, third week 2, first week 1

Karl Sault has put together another impressive weekend at Flamboro Speedway. He won the opening feature on August 17, before finishing second in the following event. He currently leads the standings, 25 points ahead of Dalla Riva and Rich Schwartzenburg.

6. Tyler Seaboyer

Previous Mentions: Ranked second week four, Drivers to Watch List

Tyler Seaboyer is showing that his second year behind the wheel of the Acura is meant to be successful, scoring the feature victory on Saturday, August 24 in dominating fashion. He currently leads the Sunset Speedway standings with just three events left on the calendar.

7. Dylan Sharpe

Previous Mentions: Ranked sixth week seven, seventh week four, seventh week 3, Drivers to Watch List

Dylan Sharpe kept the consistency rolling at Flamboro Speedway, finishing third in both features on August 17. He then made the trip to Sunset Speedway a day later for the 50-lapper, scoring a respectable fourth-place finish.

8. Issac Dippel

Previous Mentions: Ranked fifth week eight, third week seven, ninth week five, third week three, seventh week 2, eighth Week 1

Issac Dippel is make a good mid-season charge at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, as he finished sixth in the first feature, followed by a victory in the second 20-lapper. In 20 features this season, he has only posted two finishes outside of the top-five.

9. Jason Tolton

Previous Mentions: None

Despite jumping behind the wheel mid-way through the season, Jason Tolton hasn’t fallen behind his competitors one bit. He finished second in both features at Full Throttle Motor Speedway this past weekend.

He also has taken his talents on the road, running in the top-10 in the 50-lapper at Sunset Speedway before mechanical issues took him out of contention.

10. Neil Hannah

Previous Mentions: Ranked fifth week five

Neil Hannah is no stranger to running up front at Peterborough Speedway, and that showed this past weekend as he finished second.


Drivers Previously Mentioned Listed Alphabetically:

  • Andrea Parsons – Ranked fourth week one
  • Andy Kamrath – Ranked fifth week one; ranked first pre-season
  • Brian Wilson – Ranked ninth week eight, second week six, first week three, first Week 2, third Week 1, eighth pre-season
  • Chandler Bos – Ranked ninth week six
  • Cory Young – Ranked third week six, fourth week five, eighth week three, sixth on week one
  • Craig Kamrath – Ranked seventh pre-season
  • Dalton Irish – Ranked second week eight
  • Doug Butler – Ranked first week seven, sixth week three, 10th pre-season
  • Dylan Holmes – Ranked ninth week seven, seventh week five, sixth week four, fourth week 2, Drivers To Watch List
  • Ember Junkin – Ranked sixth week two
  • Jake Watson – Ranked seventh week six, 10th week five, fourth week four, second Week 2, second Week 1, Drivers to Watch List
  • Jeremy Kelly – Ranked 10th week eight, eighth week seven, third week five, 10th week four
  • Kent Missions – Ranked 10th week six.
  • Kevin Bridge – Ranked sixth pre-season
  • Kyle Istead – Ranked ninth week one
  • Mark Klotz – Ranked eighth week five
  • Mike Robinson Jr – Ranked eighth week four
  • Nolan Gould – Ranked eighth week eight, fifth week seven, fourth week six, first week four, 10th Week Two, Drivers to Watch List
  • Paul Boyd – Ranked sixth week five,
  • Scott Mast – Ranked 10th week three, fifth week 2, Drivers to Watch List
  • Shawn Taylor – Ranked seventh week seven, ninth week three, seventh week 1, second pre-season
  • Warren Paxton – Ranked seventh week eight, fourth week seven
  • Will Gibbons – Ranked fifth week six, first week 5, ninth week 4, fifth week 3, 10th week 1

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