Flamboro Speedway

Mark Thorne Scores Pure Stock Feature Victory at Flamboro Speedway

MILGROVE, Ontario — Taking the lead in the final laps, Mark Thorne scored the victory in the first McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stock feature on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway.

Dylan Sharpe started pole ahead of Jared Bodnar, Jeff Kells, Mark Thorne, Leo Labarbera, Jimmy Hooper, Brian Gamble, Kyle Lucas, Andy Wheller, Phil Givens, Bobby Mercer, Dale Lucas, and Courtney Scott.

The race started off with some bumping and banging, as Thorne would give Sharpe a bump heading into turn one. This would allow Thorne to grab the early lead ahead of Sharpe and Wheller. Wheller would move into second on Lap 3, with Mercer following suit two laps later. Sharpe now ran fourth ahead of Dale Lucas.

Wheller would track down Throne for the lead, getting beside him on Lap 6, completing the pass a lap later. Thorne now ran second ahead of Mercer and Sharpe, with Lucas and Labarbara side-by-side for fifth. Labarbera would pass Sharpe for fourth on Lap 9, with Givens alongside Sharpe for sixth. Behind them, Hooper ran eighth as Bodner battled Kyle Lucas for ninth ahead of Kells, Scott, and Gamble.

Labarbera looked to continue moving forward, getting alongside Mercer for third on Lap 15. Givens ran sixth ahead of Dale Lucas, Sharpe, and Kyle Lucas. The caution then came out on Lap 17 for Gamble going around in turns three and four. Under the yellow flag, Wheller was docked two spots for jumping the initial start, handing the lead back to Thorne.

Thorne would get a good restart ahead of Labarbera, as Wheller and Mercer battled for third. Wheller got the spot on Lap 18, with Givens following suit a lap later.

Mark Thorne picked up the checkered flag ahead of Leo Labarbera, Phil Givens, and Bobby Mercer. Andy Wheller finished fifth after slowing as he came off of turn four with a mechanical problem, ahead of Dale Lucas, Kyle Lucas, Dylan Sharpe, Jimmy Hooper, and Jared Bodner. Jeff Kells finished 11th, followed by Courtney Scott and Brian Gamble.

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