Peterborough Speedway

Mark Gordon Scores Jukasa Qualifier Victory at Peterborough Speedway

For a lot of drivers in Ontario, their eyes have been on Jukasa Motor Speedway ever since the success of the first annual Canadian Short Track Nationals last season. Mark Gordon is one of those who will hopefully attend the event in September, as he won the Peterborough Speedway qualifier feature on Saturday night.

Dan Archibald won the first heat ahead of Howie Crowe, Jeff Remington, Donovan Price, Paul Boundy, and Kyle Gordon.

Tyler Boullion won the second heat ahead of Mark Gordon, Tim Burke, Marlie Owen, Tyler Junkin, and Brad Lavalle.

Paul Boudy won the third heat ahead of Archibald, Remington, Crowe, Kyle Gordon, and Price.

Mark Gordon won the fourth heat ahead of Boullion, Burke, Owen, Junkin, and Lavalle.

Come feature time, Tim Burke started pole ahead of Kyle Gordon, Donovan Price, Brad Lavalle, Marlie Owen, Paul Boundy, Howie Crowe, Jeff Remington, Mark Gordon, Tyler Bouillon, Dan Archibald, and Tyler Junkin.

Burke would grab the early advantage ahead of Kyle Gordon and Price, with Owen, Crowe and Remington rounding out the top-six. Gordon would challenge Remington for sixth on Lap 3, completing the pass a lap later. The shuffling continued, with both Owen and Crowe getting by Price for position.

Archibald would be the next to challenge Remington for position, with the pair battling side-by-side. Remington would come down on Archibald through turns three and four, resulting in contact. The pair would slide into the frontstretch grass, before turning back across the track and hitting the outside wall. As a result of the incident, Archibald would be parked for the rest of the night for rough driving.

Burke got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Owen and Gordon, with Boundy up to fourth ahead of Boullion as Crowe and Remington battled for sixth. Remington would get the spot on Lap 11, with Kyle Gordon pulling into the infield with a mechanical issue.

The race would appear to have a green flag look right to the end, until the caution came out on Lap 22 for debris in turn four. Tim Burke jumped the initial start, resulting in him being moved back to the second row, with Gordon moved up to pole.

Mark Gordon would capitalize on the opportunity, leading the rest of the way to win ahead of Tim Burke, Tyler Bouillon, Howie Crowe, Marlie Owen, Paul Boundy, Jeff Remington, and Donovan Price.

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