Peterborough Speedway

Ryan Oosterholt Out-Duels Khan to Victory in Bone Stock Feature

It was a messy last couple of laps, but Ryan Oosterholt would ultimately come out on top to win the Bone Stock feature at Peterborough Speedway.

Brad Lavalle won the first heat ahead of the 03, Chris Novis, the 58, the 97, Malcolm MacDonald, the 91, and the 08.

Kris Khan won the second heat ahead of Ryan Oosterholt, Chris Tubman, Christen Lavalle, Jack Hannah, the 2, and the 67. Notably, the 19 would blow up mid-race.

The third heat featured a pair of blown motors, courtesy of the 96 and the 31. Corey Strawn picked up the win ahead of Jacob Kelly, Sean Kennedy, the 89, and the 21.

Shawn Solomon won the third heat ahead of Novis, the 03, MacDonald, the 91, the 58, Brad Lavalle, and the 97.

Khan went for the daily double ahead of Tubman, Oosterholt, Hannah, Christen Lavalle, the 2, and the 67.

Sean Kennedy won the sixth heat ahead of Strawn, the 89, Kelly, and the 21.

Come feature time, Chris Novis started pole ahead of the 03, Ryan Oosterholt, Sean Kennedy, Corey Strawn, Kris Khan, Chris Tubman, the 92, Jacob Kelly, the 00, Brad Lavalle, Malcolm MacDonald, Jack Hannah, the 58, the 21, the 2, the 91, the 97, the 57, Christen Lavalle, and Shawn Solomon.

Chris Novis grabbed the early lead, with Oosterholt alongside the 03 for second. Oosterholt grabbed the spot on Lap 2, bringing Khan through with him as the 03 now ran fourth. Strawn would get alongside Kennedy for fifth, but the caution came out on Lap 3 for Brad Lavalle spinning Hannah.

Ryan Oosterholt got the lead on the restart with Novis slotting into second, as Khan battled the 03 for third. Khan got the spot on Lap 4, bringing Strawn through with him. Khan continued to move forward, passing Novis for second two laps later. Strawn continued to run fourth ahead of the 03, Kennedy and Tubman, as Kelly battled the 89 ahead of the 58. The 89 would get the spot on Lap 9, with Christian Lavalle getting alongside the 58.

At the front of the field, Khan would get alongside Oosterholt for the top spot with 10 laps on the board, but was unable to complete the pass as he slotted back in line three laps later. Khan wouldn’t give up, using lap traffic to get by Oosterholt for the lead on Lap 15. The caution came out three laps later for the 67 spinning in turn one.

The restart would result in chaos off of turn two, with contact between Oosterholt and Khan sending both drivers, along with Novis, through the backstretch grass. Oosterholt and Novis got their spots back, with Khan being blackflagged for rough driving.

Ryan Oosterholt got a good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to picking up the win ahead of Chris Novis, Corey Strawn, the 03, Sean Kennedy, Chris Tubman, the 89, the 58, Jacob Kelly, Malcolm MacDonald, Jack Hannah, the 21, and the 19.

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