Peterborough Speedway

Ryan Oosterholt Leads 1-2 Farm Bros Racing Finish at Peterborough

The Farm Brothers certainly have Peterborough Speedway figured out, and it showed with a 1-2 finish in the feature on Saturday night.

Ryan Oosterholt won the first heat ahead of Nolan Gould, Neil Hannah, Ember Junkin, Tiffany Vandebelt, Erin Kearnes, the 53, Dan Demers, Jassen Whyte, Dave Middel, the 17, and the 70.

Jeremy Kelly won the second heat ahead of Chris Novis, the 00x, the 20, Marilyn Junkin, Gil Brooks, the 95, the 71, and the 19x.

Nolan Gould won the third heat ahead of Vandebelt, Ember Junkin, Oosterholt, the 53, Hannah, Demers, Kearnes, Middel, the 70, and the 17.

Gil Brooks won the fourth heat ahead of Jassen Whyte, Kelly, the 71, Marilyn Junkin, Chris Novis, the 00, the 95, the 28x, and the 20.

Come feature time, Marilyn Junkin started pole ahead of the 00, Neil Hannah, Chris Novis, Gil Brooks, Tiffany Vandebelt, Ember Junkin, Ryan Oosterholt, Jeremy Kelly, Nolan Gould, the 53, the 71, Jassen Whyte, Erin Kearnes, the 20, the 95, Dan Demers, the 28x, Dave Middel, the 17, the 70, and the 55x.

The first lap would go busy, with Marilyn Junkin slowing, with Ember Junkin getting spun in the mishap. The second attempt to start the race saw Hannah grab the lead ahead of Brooks, but there’d be a caution on Lap 2 for the 71 spinning in turn two.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Brooks and Hannah, with Brooks taking the top spot on Lap 2. Oosterholt would get alongside him two laps later, taking the top spot on Lap 5. Gould moved into second a lap later, with the Whyte alongside Brooke for third. Whyte got the spot on Lap 7, with Kelly looking to follow him through.

With 12 laps on the board, Oosterholt led Gould, Whyte, the 00, and Vandebelt, with Novis and Brooks side-by-side for sixth ahead of Kelly. Novis got the spot on Lap 13, with Kelly unable to follow him through at first. Kelly would do so, though, taking the seventh spot on Lap 16, with Brooks three-wide with Hannah and Ember Junkin a lap later. Hannah then moved into eighth with two laps to go ahead of Junkin and Brooks.

Ryan Oosterholt picked up the win ahead of Nolan Gould, Jassen Whyte, the 00, and Tiffany Vandebelt. Chris Novis finished sixth, followed by Jeremy Kelly, Neil Hannah, Ember Junkin, and Gil Brooks.

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