Outlaw Midgets

Jody Bound Kicks Sunset Speedway Curse to Side with a Victory

Through this season to date, Jody Bound had been fast in each of his appearances at Sunset Speedway. Though come feature time, it seemed something that would happen to stop the No. 5 from reaching victory lane.

That wasn’t the case on Saturday night, as he won the Outlaw Midget feature in dominating fashion.

The event ran fairly clean, with just a pair of cautions to slow the racing action. The first incident early in the going was scary, as Robin McLean and Julia Capirchio made significant contact with the outside wall. Thankfully, both drivers were uninjured.

As noted, Jody Bound picked up the checkered flag. While it was his first trip of the season to Sunset Speedway victory lane, he swept the weekend early this year at Sauble Speedway.

Mike Bradley finished second for his fourth top-five of 2019, followed by Jeff Blackburn, Josh Inglis, and Corey Adams. Kevin Spiez finished sixth for his fourth top-10, followed by Rick Splawnyk, Adam Carrothers, Richard Woodland, and Doug Segan.

Lorne Van Dusen finished 11th, followed by Wayne McKibbon, Larry Lawson, Zack Millman, Ryan Brown, Robin McLean, Julia Capirchio, Monty Farrell, and Tyler Woodland.

Heat wins went to Jody Bound (x2), Robin McLean, and Adam Carrothers.

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