Flamboro Speedway

Matt Pritiko Heading to Flamboro With Momentum on his Side

LONDON ~ Former Delaware Speedway Late Model champion Matt Pritiko appears to be gaining steam early on in the 2019 season.

In his last two starts, the London, ON product has secured a top-10 finish in the APC United Late Model Series opener at Sunset Speedway on May 18th and quickly followed up with a head-turning runner-up performance in the first instalment of Flamboro Speedway’s lauded Grisdale Triple Crown on May 26th.

“We’re obviously always going to be pushing ourselves to do better but it’s a real good feeling when you can get your legs under you early in the season,” says Pritiko. “I felt like we left something on the table at Sunset – we were better than a 10th place car that day – but I was incredibly proud of our performance at Flamboro last Sunday”

“The Pro Late Model division is like an arms race,” adds the well-spoken contender. “Every team is just constantly trying to improve their programs and stay ahead of the curve. Nothing ever seems to stay the same for very long. You pore over setup notes to try and get an advantage over the next guy because you know that he’s at home doing the exact same thing”

This Saturday, Pritiko will look to ride the recent wave of momentum as the APC United Late Model Series touches down at Flamboro Speedway for Round 2 of its 2019 schedule.

“Knowing that we just put up a second place finish in a 100-lap race at Flamboro obviously gives us a ton of confidence for this weekend,” says Pritiko. “We wants to use the (Grisdale Triple Crown) race as a high-intensity test session for the APC Series event and I think we accomplished that”

“We have a good idea of how this car is going to respond long into a run and late in a race – and that’s the sort’ve data you need when you’re talking about a 100-lap race against the best teams in Ontario. The APC Series brings out the best in everyone. Flamboro’s a tough place to run up front at on any night – but it’s next-level-tough when the APC Series is in town”

Although the 2019 version of the ultra-popular tour is still very much in its infancy, Pritiko can’t help but note just how important each event is in the grand scheme of chasing down a Series championship.

“When you’re talking about a schedule as short as ours you really can’t help but see how important each individual event is,” explains the multi-time series winner. “If you’re hoping to be in the conversation for a championship during those last two or three shows, then you really don’t have the luxury of a bad night. You have to be as close to perfect as you can get from the start of the schedule until the end”

“Our team understands how important momentum is and how valuable a win can be,” continues Pritiko. “That’s why we’ve prepared as much as we have for this race. Our long-run program is really good and I’m very confident in the package we’ve designed for Flamboro. We have all of the pieces at our disposal, we just need to find a way to put them all together at the right time on Saturday.”

For more information on the Interstate Batteries 100 on June 8th, visit www.flamborospeedway.ca and www.apcracingseries.com

Website: www.mattpritiko.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/MattPritiko
Twitter: @MattPritiko
Instagram: @MattPritiko21

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