Outlaw Midgets

Nigel Buttivant Scores First Career Outlaw Midget Victory

Making his way to the front, Nigel Buttivant wasn’t ready to be denied on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway en route to scoring his first career Outlaw Midget feature victory.

Adam Carrothers won the first heat ahead of Jody Bound, Lorne Van Dusen, Julia Capirchio, Larry Lawson, Rick Splawnyk, and Zack Milman.

The second heat would end with an incident between Tyler Sagan and Sean Lazary in turn one. Robin McLean picked up the win ahead of Mike Bradley, Jessica James, Richard Woodland, Ryan Brown, Nigel Buttivant, Nick Spiez, Wayne McKibbon, Sagan, Lazary, and Dave Inglis.

The third heat did not start off cleanly, as Splawnyk spun out of the lead, collecting Monty Farrell, Capirchio, Lawson, and Sagan. Kevin Spiez would pull off under the yellow flag with a mechanical issue. Adam Carrothers went for the daily double ahead of Bound, Van Dusen, Splawnyk, Milman, Spiez, and Farrell.

Mike Bradley won the fourth heat ahead of McLean, Buttivant, Woodland, Brown, Nick Spiez, McKibbon, and Inglis.

Come feature time, Adam Carrothers started pole ahead of Larry Lawson, Robin McLean, Rick Splawnyk, Richard Woodland, Jody Bound, Lorne Van Dusen, Mike Bradley, Ryan Brown, Wayne McKibbon, Nick Spiez, Nigel Buttivant, and Dave Inglis.

Adam Carrothers would grab the early advantage ahead of McLean and Woodland. Bradley would challenge Woodland for third, with contact causing both drivers to go around for the first yellow flag at Lap 2.

Carrothers would got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of McLean and Bound. Bound would grab second on Lap 3 followed by Buttivant, bumping McLean back to fourth. Meanwhile, the caution would come out as contact between Nick Spiez and a fellow competitor caused him to bounce, before veering into the outside retaining wall. There would be a delay as an outside ambulance had to be called, but Spiez has reported that he will be okay.

“Thank you all for your support,” Spiez posted in the Outlaw Midget facebook group. “In lots of pain but it could of been much worse. Got myself a super sweet air cast on my foot for four bones in the middle of my foot, and vertebrae T9, T10, and T11 have compression fractures. But after six weeks, some therapy and some work on the car, you can count on the 96 team to be back on the track!”

The restart would see Bound take the lead ahead of Buttivant and McKibbon, with Carrothers moving back up into third on Lap 4. Lawson ran fifth, followed by Woodland, as Van Dusen and Inglis battled for seventh. Van Dusen got the spot on Lap 6 ahead of Inglis, with Splawnyk rounding out the top-nine.

At the front of the field, Nigel Buttivant would make his move for the lead on Lap 7, taking the top spot and beginning to cruise away from the field. Carrothers moved into second, bumping Bound back to third ahead of McKibbon and Woodland. Van Dusen ran sixth, followed by Lawson, Inglis, and Splawnyk.

Nigel Buttivant led the rest of the way en route to the victory, followed by Adam Carrothers, Jody Bound, Wayne McKibbon, and Richard Woodland. Lorne Van Dusen finished sixth, followed by Larry Lawson, Rick Splawnyk, Dave Inglis, and Robin McLean. Nick Spiez was credited with 11th, followed by Mike Bradley and Ryan Brown.

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