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Jordan Sims Dominates APC Series Dayco 100 at Sunset Speedway

Grabbing the lead, Jordan Sims did not look back the rest of the 100 lap feature en route to scoring the victory in the APC Auto Parts United Late Models of Ontario Dayco 100 at Sunset Speedway on Saturday night.

Jordan Lawrence set the quickest time in qualifying at 14.217 seconds. Gord Shepherd (14.263) qualified second, followed by Jordan Sims (14.275), Matt Pritiko (14.307), and Nick Goetz (14.316). Rick Spencer-Walt qualified sixth, followed by Treyten Lapcevich, Dale Shaw, Josh Stade, and Billy Schwartzenburg. Jade Franklin qualified 11th, followed by Blair Wickett, Jamie Cox, Shae Gemmell, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Jake Sheridan, Andrew Gresel, and Jason Parker. These drivers automatically locked themselves in the show.

With a lap of 14.450 seconds, Dwayne Baker would be forced to start pole for the b-main ahead of Todd Delisle, Steve Laking, Hudson Nagy, Ryan Kimball, Mat Box, Danny Benedict, Tom Gibbons, Andy Kamrath, Patrick Freel, Junior Farrelly, Shawn McGlynn, Darrell Lake, and Paighton Jacobs.

Baker grabbed the early lead in the b-main, with Delisle and Kimball right behind as Mat Box headed into the pits. Nagy ran fourth as of the second lap in the last transfer position, ahead of Benedict, Freel, Gibbons, Lake, Jacobs, McGlynn, and Kamrath. Farrelly would head into the pits on Lap 4, with McGlynn and Kamrath doing the same a lap later.

Nagy would try to challenge Kimball for third on Lap 7, but was unable to complete the pass as he fell back in line. Benedict continued to run fifth, looking for a way around Nagy to get into the infield. As he was doing so, Freel made contact with the rear bumper of Benedict, causing him to spin around for the caution at Lap 13.

Dwayne Baker got a good restart, pacing the rest of the way to transfer into the show. Todd Delisle finished second, followed by Hudson Nagy and Ryan Kimball, also making the main event. Tom Gibbons, Darrell Lake, Danny Benedict, Patrick Freel, and Paighton Jacobs rounded out the field.

Following the redraw, Matt Pritiko started pole ahead of Nick Goetz, Jordan Sims, Gord Shepherd, and Jordan Lawrence. Rick Spencer-Walt started sixth, followed by Treyten Lapcevich, Dale Shaw, Josh Stade, and Billy Schwartzenburg. Jade Franklin started 11th, followed by Blair Wickett, Jamie Cox, Shae Gemmell, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Jake Sheridan, Jason Parker, Shawn McGlynn, Junior Farrelly, Andy Kamrath, Dwayne Baker, Hudson Nagy, Todd Delislie, Ryan Kimball, and Andrew Gresel.

The race started off with a quick caution, as McGlynn went around in turns one and two.

Matt Pritiko would get the lead on the restart, with Sims and Goetz side-by-side for second. Behind them, Shepherd ran fourth, as Lawrence and Spencer-Walt battled for fifth. Lawrence got the spot, getting underneath Shepherd for fourth on Lap 5.

Ahead of them, Sims moved into second ahead of Goetz, with Shepherd holding off Lawrence for fourth. The battle for sixth, though, wouldn’t go cleanly, with contact from Shaw sending Spencer-Walt around off of turn four for the second caution at Lap 7. With 94 laps to go, Pritiko led Sims, Goetz, Shepherd, Lawrence, Shaw, Lapcevich, Schwartzenburg, Stade, Wickett, Gemmell, Franklin, Sheridan, Cox, Fitzpatrick, Chenoweth, and Parker.

Jordan Sims would get a good restart to take the lead ahead of Pritiko, with Goetz and Shepherd side-by-side for third. Shepherd got the spot on Lap 9, with Shaw getting alongside Goetz for fourth ahead of Lawrence, Schwartzenburg, and Lapcevich. Behind them, Stade and Wickett ran side-by-side for ninth ahead of Gemmell.

Goet would clear Shaw on Lap 12 to take fourth, as Lawrence continued to run sixth ahead of Schwartzenburg, Lapcevich, and Stade. Behind them, Gemmell got alongside Wickett for 10th on Lap 14, with Gemmell getting the spot a lap later as Franklin tagged Wickett.

With 17 laps on the board, Sims continued to lead ahead of Pritiko, Shepherd, Goetz, Shaw, Lawrence, Schwartzenburg, Lapcevich, Stade, and Gemmell. Gemmell would get alongside Stade for ninth on Lap 19, as Franklin and Wickett rounded out the top-12. Stade got the two laps later, while Cox and Fitzpatrick battled for 13th , ahead of Parker and Sheridan, also side-by-side, battling for 14th.  Fitzpatrick got the spot on Lap 23, getting alongside Wickett for 10th.

A quarter of the laps complete, and Sims still had a solid hold on the field ahead of Pritiko, Shepherd, and Goetz, with Shaw and Lawrence side-by-side for fifth. Shaw got the spot on Lap 26, bumping Lawrence back to sixth ahead of Schwartzenburg, Lapcevich, Stade, and Gemmell. Franklin continued to run 11th ahead of Fitzpatrick, Parker and Sheridan, with Wickett and Cox side-by-side for 15th.

There’d be no changes up front, as Sims continued to stretch his lead ahead of Pritiko, Shepherd, Goetz, and Shaw. Lawrence continued to run sixth ahead of Schwartzenburg and Lapcevich, with Stade and Gemmell side-by-side for ninth. The shuffling would begin up front, though, as Shepherd got alongside Pritiko for second on lap 34, taking the spot a lap later. Goetz would follow through, taking third ahead of Shaw with Pritiko now back to fourth.

Behind them, Schwartzenburg moved up to fifth ahead of Lapcevich, Lawrence, Stade, and Gemmell. Fitzpatrick ran 11th, with Cox and Franklin side-by-side for 12th. Their battle would get paused, though, as the caution came out for Kimball stopping in turn four on Lap 37. With 63 laps to go, Sims led Shepherd, Goetz, Shaw, Pritiko, Schwartzenburg, Lapcevich, Stade, Gemmell, Fitzpatrick, Franklin, Cox, Parker, Wickett, Sheridan, Spencer-Walt, Baker, Farrelly, Nagy, McGlynn, Box, and Kamrath.

The first attempt at the restart did not go as planned, with Wickett spinning around heading into turn one. Everybody would escape without damage, with Wickett sent to the tail of the field.

The second attempt went smoothly, with Sims continuing to hold serve ahead of Shepherd, with Shaw alongside Goetz for third. Behind them, Schwartzenburg and Pritiko ran side-by-side for fifth, with Lapcevich and Stade side-by-side for seventh. There were battles through the field, with Fitzpatrick and Cox side-by-side for ninth, and Gemmell alongside Sheridan for 11th.

Shaw would grab third on Lap 41, with Schwartzenburg getting alongside Goetz for fourth. Their battle was cut short, with the caution flying a lap later for Gresel going around in turn three. With 59 laps to go, Sims led Shepherd, Shaw, Schwartzenburg, Goetz, Pritiko, Stade, Lapcevich, Fitzpatrick, Cox, Sheridan, Baker, Franklin, Parker, Spencer-Walt, Farrelly, and Nagy.

The restart would see Sims and Shepherd side-by-side for the lead, but it’d also see the return of the caution flag as Kamrath stalled. The second attempt would go cleanly, with the battle for the lead continuing, as Shaw and Schwartzenburg ran side-by-side for third. Sims would retake the lead on Lap 44 as the battle for third continued, with Pritiko rounding out the top-five.

Schwartzenburg would take the third spot on Lap 46 ahead of Shaw, Pritiko, and Goetz, with Lapcevich alongside Stade for seventh. Behind them, Fitzpatrick ran ninth ahead of Baker and Spencer-Walt, with Spencer-Walt getting alongside Baker for 10th just before the halfway mark.

At the halfway mark, Sims continued to lead, with Schwartzenburg alongside Shepherd for second ahead of Shaw. Shepherd would take the runner-up spot on Lap 52, with Schwartzenburg now third ahead of Shaw, Pritiko and Goetz. Behind them, Lapcevich ran sixth ahead of Fitzpatrick, Stade, Spencer-Walt, Baker and Parker.

Lapcevich would look to break into the top-five on Lap 56, getting alongside Goetz for fifth, with Shaw getting alongside Schwartzenburg a lap later for third. Schwartzenburg held onto the spot with Shaw falling back in line, while Goetz got alongside Pritiko for fourth. Behind them, Fitzpatrick used this opportunity to get alongside Lapcevich for sixth ahead of Spencer-Walt and Stade. Pritiko was able to hold onto the fourth spot ahead of Goetz, with Fitzpatrick taking sixth as Spencer-Walt challenged Lapcevich for seventh with 40 laps to go. Behind them, Stade ran ninth ahead of Baker and Parker.

Goetz would take the fourth spot on Lap 62 ahead of Pritiko and Fitzpatrick, with Lapcevich and Spencer-Walt side-by-side for seventh. Shaw would challenge Schwartzenburg once again for second on Lap 63, but was once again unable to complete the pass. Behind them, Fitzpatrick was able to get alongside Pritiko for fifth on Lap 64, completing the pass a lap later. Lapcevich ran seventh ahead of Spencer-Walt and Stade.

With 68 laps on the board, Sims led Shepherd, Schwartzenburg, Shaw, Goetz, Pritiko, Lapcevich, Spencer-Walt, Stade, Gemmell and Baker, with Parker and Lawrence side-by-side for 12th. Pritiko continued to fall back, as he was passed by Fitzpatrick, Lapcevich, and Spencer-Walt over the course of the next five laps. Pritiko now ran ninth, as Stade got loose off of turn two, allowing Gemmell to get alongside for 10th.

Gemmell would take the 10th spot on Lap 78 ahead of Lawrence, with Stade now 12th ahead of Cox, Parker, Baker, Franklin, Sheridan, and Nagy.

As the laps counted down, the leaders found themselves in heavy lap traffic, with Shepherd getting held up by McGlynn. This would allow Schwartzenburg to get by, taking the second spot behind Sims. Shaw would also take advantage, passing Shepherd for third, before challenging Schwartzenburg for second on Lap 91.

The pair remained side-by-side until the race’s final caution on Lap 97 for Fitzpatrick spinning Goetz off of turn two. With four laps to go, Sims led Schwartzenburg, Shaw, Shepherd, Fitzpatrick, Lapcevich, Spencer-Walt, Lawrence, Gemmell, Pritiko, Stade, Cox, Franklin, Sheridan, Nagy, and Goetz.

Jordan Sims got a good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to winning ahead of Billy Schwartzenburg, Dale Shaw, Gord Shepherd, and Treyten Lapcevich. J.R. Fitzpatrick finished sixth, followed by Jordan Lawrence, Rick Spencer-Walt, Shae Gemmell, and Matt Pritiko. Jamie Cox finished 11th, followed by Josh Stade, Jade Franklin, Jason Parker, Hudson Nagy, Jake Sheridan, Nick Goetz, Mat Box, Junior Farrelly, and Blair Wickett.

Andrew Gresel finished 21st, followed by Dwayne Baker, Shawn McGlynn, Andy Kamrath, Ryan Kimball, and Todd Delisle.

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