Race Reports

Frank Davey Untouched En Route to Super Stock Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway

Making his way into the lead in the early stages, Frank Davey would cruise away from the field en route to winning the St. Onge Recreation Super Stock feature at Sunset Speedway.

Brandon Passer won the first heat ahead of Tom Walters, Frank Davey, Dan Robb, Gerrit Tiemersma, and Marty Monette.

Dustyn Mombourquette scored the victory in the second heat ahead of Ken Grubb, Mark Gordon, Coltin Everingham, and Ethan Constable.

Frank Davey won the third heat ahead of Tiemersma, Passer, Walters, Robb, and Monette.

Ken Grubb scored the victory in the fourth heat ahead of Gordon, Mombourquette, Constable, and Everingham. Notably, the race finished with Mombourquette spinning Everingham on the final lap in turn four.

Come feature time, Dustyn Mombourquette started pole ahead of Mark Gordon, Frank Davey, Brandon Passer, Ken Grubb, Gerrit Tiemersma, Coltin Everingham, Ethan Constable, Dan Robb, Marty Monette, and Tom Walters.

Off the drop of the green flag, Davey would get alongside Mombourquette for the lead, taking the top spot on Lap 3. Passer moved up into third ahead of Grubb, Tiemersma, Gordon, Everingham, and Constable.

With five laps on the board, Davey continued to lead with Passer alongside Mombourquette for second, as Gordon headed off to the pits on Lap 6. Passer took the runner-up spot a lap later, bumping Mombourquette back to third ahead of Tiemersma, Grubb, Everingham, Constable, Walters, Robb, and Monette.

Tiemersma continued to move forward, passing Mombourquette for fourth at the halfway mark, with Everingham cracking the top-five. Constable ran sixth ahead of Walters, with Grubb now back to eighth ahead of Robb and Monette. Everingham then got alongside Mombourquette for fourth with nine laps to go, completing the pass three laps later. Constable would then follow suit, breaking into the top-five with three laps to go.

Frank Davey cruised to victory lane ahead of Brandon Passer, Gerrit Tiemersma, Coltin Everingham, and Ethan Constable. Dustyn Mombourquette finished sixth, followed by Tom Walters, Marty Monette, Ken Grubb, and Dan Robb. Mark Gordon rounded out the field.

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