Flamboro Speedway

Phil Givens Ready to Chase Championship at Flamboro Speedway

After spending the past couple seasons between Sauble Speedway and Full Throttle Motor Speedway, Phil Givens will call a different track home this year.

“I always have a little bit of uncertainty when I switch tracks,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “This year, I am running for points at Flamboro (Speedway). Last year, we were successful at Sauble with winning the championship, so I am looking forward to building off that momentum.”

Going into the year, while Givens is hopeful to “get a few wins this year,” he is more focused on being “consistent every night” towards the goal of ultimately winning the McClurkin Properties Pure Stock Championship.

“It’s going to tough every night this season,” he commented. “The field is stacked with a lot of experienced drivers. There will be ten cars or more that can win on any given night! I’m really excited to be out there in the mix and supporting Flamboro; the track is getting better and better on and off the racing surface.”

Outside of Flamboro’s full schedule, Givens admittedly hasn’t glanced at the schedules to see if he will be attending any events at any other speedway across the province. However, he stated he will most likely be at the big shows to close the season, supporting each of the tracks.

“Brian Todish, Mike Schmidt, Dave and J.P all put so much work into the fall events for us to race,” he added. “So I’ll make sure to be there.”

For Givens, he got started in racing through watching his neighbour Scott Way race at Full Throttle Motor Speedway (then Varney Motor Speedway) in a Thunder Car. He enjoyed watching him race, so he got into motorsports himself, and has been non-stop ever-since.

There has been several accomplishments along the way, but Givens says the most memorable is a tie-between his championship at Full Throttle in 2016, and winning Frostoberfest at Flamboro last season.

“It was a long season so it really felt like we accomplished a huge task,” he spoke of the championship. “Frostoberfest win last season is the other one. The car was the best it’s ever been and I finished 2nd! Usually you want to win on the track and not the tech shed, but I’ve been trying to win that race for years!”

Based on his experience to date, Givens’ advice to future drivers is to be prepared to invest a lot of time if you want to be competitive.

“Unfortunately the cost of everything keeps going up so factor that into your racing budgets,” he added. “Even in Pure (Bone) Stock, the costs add up! Biggest thing is have fun and enjoy the friendships you will gain!”

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