Flamboro Speedway

2019 Mini Stock Silly Season Sypnopsis Fourth Edition

From a best appearing contest to drivers discussing plans, social media is a buzz about the Mini Stock division through the off-season so far. That has shown in the Silly Season Portal at Short Track Musings with plans revealed for 21 drivers across the three editions.

Since then, the news has just joined continued to drop with drivers revealing their plans. So here are some more competitors who have openly discussed their 2019 plans as of March 12, 2019.

2018 Full Throttle Motor Speedway Champion Tessa Cremasco (Bleumer) and Sapphire-Motorsports will not be defending their crown this year as she is pregnant with twins, due early summer. She is hoping to return in the 2020 season, with the team hoping to have a guest driver in the car for select invitationals this season.

Morgan Robson Jr. is set to return behind the wheel this year, after taking a season away from driving duties to focus on his new promotional efforts. He is planning to run Sunset Speedway full-time, as well as select invitaitonals.

“My thoughts entering the 2019 race season is to learn the new car we bought,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I’m hoping with all the help I have we can battle for a top-five finishes each week.”

After taking a year off, Lisa DeLeeuw will be making her full-time return to Sunset Speedway in 2019.

“My thoughts are just to stay focused on our goals we have set out for this year,” she commented.

Heading into her second year with the Nissan, she has her goals set out to win a feature, while expecting “to just keep improving with the new car.”

Two-time Sauble Speedway Champion Kevin Bridge will be running 10 events across the province, beginning with Sunset Speedway’s opening night on April 27.

“The way I put the schedule together, I made it so we could have more family time with Riley starting school,” Kevin Bridge noted. “So we’re trying to do a lot of more races before school gets out, and then after school gets back, and then have the summer to spend with the family.

“With Sauble dropping their Mini Stock program, for me to go and run somewhere else for points, it’s just too much of a commitment to take away from the entire summer that we would have. Like Sunset is almost three hours away from me, Flamboro is two and a half – so there isn’t any other great options. So we talked the sponsors and got their blessing to do some bigger races, and not run for points anywhere.”

His schedule will bring him to Sunset Speedway on four occasions, Flamboro Speedway twice, Grand Bend in July, Jukasa Motor Speedway in July, Sauble Speedway in August, Birch Run Speedway in Michigan in September, and Full Throttle Motor Speedway in September.

RJ Croteau and Michael Kenny have formed up to create Croteau-Kenny Racing, with both racing full-time at Flamboro Speedway. Croteau spent the last two years running part-time in super stocks, while this will mark Kenny’s fourth campaign. The team also plans to partake in the big mini stock event at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

Brian Wilson is planning on returning full-time to Full Throttle Motor Speedway, as well as having a second mini stock with a few different drivers on-board. Right now, both cars remain as they finished Frostoberfest last year as his focus is on building a Kid Stock for his son to run this year at FTMS.

Kyle Istead will be back at Flamboro Speedway on a full-time basis with the No. 79 Mustang, hunting for the championship with hopes of traveling to other tracks for invitationals and specials.

“We again have a co-driver for 2019 as John Istead will be joining Kyle behind the wheel,” Steadfast Racing’s Kyle Istead told STM. “After finishing sixth in points in 2018, and finally getting the feature win we had been looking for, as well as winning the most improved driver award at the banquet, we are very motivated and ready to get out to the track.”

He will be joined at Flamboro by Jonathan Ayrton, once again driving the Fireball 5 for Kenny Stenhouse Jr. full-time. He also stated that he will be racing full-time mini stock at Ohsweken Speedway, as well, in addition to entering the pure stock at Flamboro with Jared Bodnar driving.

“Then the Jukasa race, not sure on what Mini I will be in if Kenny wants to me race in it in one of his two cars, or I switch my dirt car over and run my own car,” he added. “I’ll be there in a car regardless.”

Michael Hooper also plans to return to Flamboro Speedway on a full-time basis, in addition to running the Jukasa Motor Speedway event and possibly an invitational at Sauble Speedwy, pending sponsorship.

“We’re also gonna run the pure stock with my son Jimmy at various tracks like Flammy, Full Throttle, and maybe Delaware just to give him some track time,” he added. “I wanna save his rookie year for the following year at Flammy.”

Spira Racing is going to continue their development of young talent, welcoming Cole Quinton of the Waterloo Car Club to the team. Quinton will serve as a crew member and test driver this season with Erik Dalla Riva and Rich Schwartzenburg, with him possibly transiting into the car himself in 2020. The Spira program has been successful as seen through Dalla Riva’s Frostoberfest victory, as well as the success of Billy Schwartzenburg, Samantha Shaw, Scott Simmons, Carson Nagy, and Jake Watson.

The dirt tracks will see Jordan Val Hal move into the mini mod class this year at Southern Ontario Speedway.

The big discussion in the Mini Stock division is currently is the big event at Jukasa Motor Speedway this summer, as it will mark the class’ first race on the new track. Since the news dropped of an event for them in July, drivers have been expressing interest and excitement, with the current intent to compete list well-over 30 entries.

  1. Bobby Tolton Full Throttle
  2. Tim Tolton Full Throttle
  3. Andrew Kamrath Outlaw
  4. Kevin Bridge Outlaw
  5. Erik DallaRiva Flamboro
  6. Wendy Adams Flamboro
  7. Brandon Crumbie
  8. Brian Wilson Full Throttle
  9. Dylan Sharpe Flamboro
  10. Cory McAllister Full Throttle
  11. Mike Thomson Flamboro
  12. Christopher French Oshweken
  13. Jason Thomson Oshweken
  14. Doug Wilma Sunset
  15. Kyle Dasilva Flamboro
  16. Chandler Bos Sunset
  17. Bob Phinemore Sunset
  18. Mike Hopper Flamboro
  19. Matt Young Flamboro
  20. Donny Yorke Delaware
  21. Devon Blomendal Delaware
  22. Samantha Shaw Sunset
  23. Wade Watson Flamboro
  24. Jacob Robb Full Throttle
  25. Erik Yorke Sunset
  26. Tom Eckenswiller Full Throttle
  27. Nolan Gould Peterborough
  28. Will Gibbons Sunset
  29. Terry Woodley Outlaw
  30. Joe Ireton Full Throttle
  31. Thomson Dunn Outlaw
  32. Lisa Deleuw Sunset
  33. Wayde Thorne Flamboro
  34. Kaitlyn Wallace Flamboro
  35. Tyler Lewis

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