Flamboro Speedway

2019 Mini Stock Silly Season Synopsis

No matter which track you go to, the Mini Stocks are always there putting on a show with some of the best door-to-door vying for the victory right to the last lap.

With the competition top-notch across the province, it’s easy to tell why everybody has their eye on where you will find drivers in 2019. Short Track Musings has been interviewing drivers since the last checkered flag of 2018, and will continue to do so as we move closer to May. In the process, drivers have revealed some plans.

Here is what we know when it comes to the Mini Stocks as of January 9, 2019.

Samantha Shaw was quick to message STM, letting us know that she will be back at Sunset Speedway full-time after scoring a runner-up in the year-end standings. She will also have the No. 81 Mustang out for the invitationals at Sauble Speedway and Jukasa Motor Speedway this summer.

“This past season was a huge success for me, was easily my best season yet on track,” she told STM. “There will always be room for improvement but my driving style and confidence advanced a ton.”

As revealed by STM last month, Rich Schwartzenburg and Erik Dalla Riva will share a ride out of the Spira Racing shop for the 2019 campaign. The plan came together following discussions between the two drivers after this past year, with their plans for the upcoming campaign.

“The plan was to step away in 2019 to be honest. In the last race of the season,” Schwartzenburg told STM. “I caused a wreck that tore up my car pretty bad (as well as others). Pretty much the next day the team went to work on rebuilding the car, so when your team rallies behind you like that you can’t quit.

“Erik Dalla Riva approached me with the idea of combining our efforts for 2019 and bringing primary sponsor SDR Seating with him. This allowed me both the time and financially flexibility I was looking for, and strengthened the teams resources as well. I get to step away at more gradual pace and Erik gets to continue to race; it’s a win-win. With the Spira Green (No.) 86 mini (stock) off to Robert & Connor James in 2019, the deal with Erik is official.”

They plan to make Flamboro Speedway their home track, but Schwartzenburg states that it won’t be on a full-time basis with trips to Sunset Speedway, Sauble Speedway, and Full Throttle Motor Speedway on the possible radar.

While calling this past year a learning curve in trying a series of different tracks all summer, Alex Hastie says his team will be making improvements in hopes to be even stronger in 2019. He also added that Jukasa is “a bucket list track for me.”

Kevin Bridge plans to be back after picking up seven feature victories last year at Sunset Speedway and Sauble Speedway combined, with a “new track” on his radar this season.

Although the super stock will be the focus for Cory McAllister in 2019, he will also be campaigning his mustang on a part-time basis as well.

“We are just getting going,” he told STM. “We have a team that will work around the clock to make sure we win, as well as a driver to just stay focused hit the marks and keep digging.”

Brian Wilson plans to be at the track once again after visiting victory lane last year, but he won’t be behind the wheel as much.

“I think we’re going to try and get my son racing next year and I’ll probably do that,” he told STM. “We’re still going to have the same amount of cars going. This year we had Paul Boyd one, Tommy Robb drove for awhile – who knows, we may have a bunch of people in it.”

When speaking about his season, Jake Watson admitted he and his father Wade Watson were unsure what they’re doing yet, but stated he would be “running the Mini Stock somewhere at some point throughout the season. We are also looking to move up in classes at some point as well.”

Dylan Sharpe made waves last year in Flamboro Speedway’s Pure Stock class with a couple trips to victory lane. The new year, though, holds something a little different as he purchased the mini stock that Daniel Montanari drove to the championship at Sunset Speedway at season’s end. Sharpe campaigned the car at Frostoberfest, placing seventh in the overall event standings.

If you’re a driver and want to have your plans listed in the Silly Season guide, please get a hold of Short Track Musing’s Ashley McCubbin immediately to do so. 

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