Delaware Speedway

2019 Super Stock Silly Season Synopsis Second Edition

The Super Stock division served as the debut class for the 2019 Silly Season Portal at Short Track Musings, revealing the plans for several drivers. We learned what Donovan Price, Cory McAllister, and Coltin Everingham have on the card for the new season.

With some help from Dan Cabral at Cabral Racing Promotions, here are some more drivers who have openly discussed their 2019 plans as of January 10, 2019.

Dustyn Mombourquette will be back at Sunset Speedway on a full-time basis, but behind the wheel of a new chassis.

“I don’t think there’s any other way to get better than to race against the best teams possible,” Says Mombourquette. “I mean, I look around the pits at guys like Brandon Passer and Coltin Everingham who, four of five years ago, were in the same spot that I am now. They were sort’ve on the outside of contention, but they kept after it and now they’re winning races and contending for championships.”

The competition at Sunset Speedway promises to be steep once again, with Gerrit Tiemersma also confirming his intentions to chase after the track championship once again.

“We need to find a way to grab hold of that momentum when we have it,” admits Tiemersma. “There have been some nights where we’re so good on Saturday, we leave the track, go home and do our week of maintenance and then come back the next weekend and we’re struggling to run in the top-10”

Bobby Mercer will return to Flamboro Speedway, ready to back-up his championship from last season.

“Being able to call ourselves champions in this division goes way further than just a year’s worth of work,” reflects Mercer. “This goes back almost two decades for us. Every year we’ve taken another step towards being at the top of this roster.”

Marlie Owens will be back at Peterborough Speedway full-time, but also plans to tour across the province and run events at each of the tracks.

“I want to be able to say that I can race up front with the best teams in the province – and to do that we can’t just stay in the same place all season,” adds Owen. “Our goal is to get to some of the bigger races at Sunset, Sauble and Flamboro to see just where we stack up against their (Super Stock division) talent and to help us improve our program.”

There is news across the province with Rick Verberne making his intentions known to chase the title at Delaware Speedway.

“This is a huge deal for us,” stated the Otterville, ON native. “The (Delaware Speedway) Super Stock division get more intense every weekend. Being able to put together this type of marketing support means that we’ll have the chance to keep building on our program so that we have the chance to contend for wins every time we hit the track.”

Meanwhile, the plans for Ryan Semple remain up in the air, with the only factor known right now that Semple will spend more of his season helping his friends succeed, rather than a program of his own.

“We’ve learned so much about this car in the last two years,” he said. “We’ve been working hard week-in and week-out to make sure that we’re giving ourselves the chance to do something in this division. We aren’t done yet. We just need to figure some things out behind the scenes so that we can keep coming out and winning these trophies, but I also am really looking forward to helping my buddies with their programs and just having fun hanging out at different Speedway’s.”

If you’re a driver and want to have your plans listed in the Silly Season guide, please get a hold of Short Track Musing’s Ashley McCubbin immediately to do so. 

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