Peterborough Speedway

Brandon Watson Scores Inaugural ACC Electric City 167 Victory

Brandon Watson continues to cement his status as one of the best, winning the inaugural Autumn Colours Classic Electric City 167 at Peterborough Speedway.

Brandon Watson laid down the quickest time in qualifying at 13.345 seconds, ahead of Ryan Kimball (13.366), Cayden Lapcevich (13.413), Jake Sheridan (13.418), and J.R. Fitzpatrick (13.423). Treyten Lapcevich qualified sixth, followed by Dan McHattie, Chris Mitchell, Danny Benedict, Rick Spencer-Walt, Lane Zardo, Mike Wallace, Derek Lynch, James Horner, Connor James, Steve Powell, Brandon Feeney, Doug Wills, Jeff Richards, and Rob Robinson. Notably, Spencer-Walt gave up his 10th qualifying spot when he unloaded his Pro Late Model on Sunday for the race, versus the Limited Late used in qualifying.

Brandon Watson broke out to the early lead ahead of Cayden Lapcevich, Fitzpatrick and Treyten Lapcevich, with Kimball falling back to fifth. McHattie ran sixth ahead of Mitchell, Sheridan, and Benedict as Robinson pulled off on Lap 3.

Mike Wallace would run 10th through the early stages ahead of Lynch and Spencer-Walt, with Spencer-Walt getting alongside Lynch on Lap 5. He would complete the pass, followed by getting by Wallace for 10th four laps to go. Lynch ran 12th ahead of Zardo, Horner, James, Powell, and Feeney.

With 12 laps on the board, Brandon Watson led ahead of Cayden Lapcevich, Fitzpatrick, Treyten Lapcevich, Kimball, McHattie, Mitchell, Sheridan, Spencer-Walt, Benedict, Wallace, and Lynch. As the leaders found themselves in lap traffic, Sheridan used Richards to his advantage to get by Mitchell for seventh on Lap 16. Unfortunately, Richards would run into a problem and bring out the first yellow flag seven laps later. Both Zardo and McHattie used the caution as an opportunity to hit pit road for adjustments.

Brandon Watson got a good restart ahead of Cayden Lapcevich and Fitzpatrick, with Kimball moving into fourth ahead of Sheridan and Treyten Lapcevich. Treyten continued to fall back, as he was passed by both Mitchell and Spencer-Walt by Lap 27. Behind them, Benedict ran ninth ahead of Wallace, McHattie, Horner, Lynch, and Zardo. Zardo would get by Lynch for 13th on Lap 30, as Lapcevich passed Spencer-Walt back for seventh.

The field remained single-file until Sheridan passed Kimball for fourth on Lap 38. A lap later, Wills headed down pit road a lap later. Lapcevich would get back by Mitchell for sixth at Lap 55, with the second caution coming out nine laps later for McHattie going around. Under the caution, a bunch of drivers pitted for adjustments including Kimball, James, Horner, Wallace, and McHattie.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Watson and Cayden Lapcevich, with Watson finally clearing Lapcevich five laps later for the lead. Fitzpatrick ran solidly in third, with Treyten Lapcevich passing Sheridan for fourth at Lap 76.

The halfway mark at Lap 84 would bring forth the third caution – marking the fuel stop of the event. At the time, Brandon Watson was leading ahead of Cayden Lapcevich, Fitzpatrick, Treyten Lapcevich, Sheridan, Mitchell, Spencer-Walt, Benedict, Horner, Wallace, Kimball, Zardo, Lynch, McHattie, James, Powell, and Feeney.

If you just took fuel and handled driver comfort, you would keep your position for the restart. If you chose to do something other than that, you would restart at the back of the field. Several drivers chose to make adjustments, therefore shuffling the field big time.

Brandon Watson got a good restart ahead of Cayden Lapcevich, Fitzpatrick, and Mitchell, as Sheridan and Treyten Lapcevich battled for fifth. Sheridan got the spot on Lap 87, with Spencer-Walt also getting by Treyten. The fourth caution then came out a lap later for Mitchell spinning, with Wallace and McHattie making contact behind them. Kimball would pit under the caution for adjustments.

Brandon Watson held serve ahead of Cayden Lapcevich and Fitzpatrick, with Spencer-Walt up to fourth ahead of Sheridan, Wallace, McHattie, Treyten Lapcevich, Zardo, Horner, Benedict, Mitchell, Lynch, Kimball, and James. Kimball would get alongside Lynch for 13th at Lap 94, completing the pass a lap later. The field remained single-file weaving through lap traffic till Lap 97, when McHattie got alongside Wallace for seventh. McHattie would get the spot on Lap 98, bringing Treyten through with him.

Kimball continued his climb back to the front, passing Mitchell for 12th on Lap 101, as Horner tagged the back of Zardo two laps later. This allowed Horner to take 10th on Lap 105 ahead of Kimball, Zardo, and Benedict. Further up the field, Treyten Lapcevich tried to pass McHattie for seventh, getting the spot on Lap 106. At the same time, Kimball passed Horner for 10th, followed by Sheridan passing Spencer-Walt six laps later.

Kimball’s climb continued through the field as he’d pass Wallace on Lap 112, followed by passing McHattie nine laps later, and a pass on Treyten Lapcevich for seventh on Lap 125. Kimball then moved into sixth with 37 laps to go, bringing Lapcevich through with him to bump Spencer-Walt back to eighth.

McHattie would catch Spencer-Walt for the spot, tapping the back end of the No. 31w Late Model entering turn three on Lap 135, causing Spencer-Walt to make significant contact with the wall for the fifth caution.

Brandon Watson got a good restart with Fitzpatrick moving into second ahead of Sheridan, as Cayden Lapcevich ran fourth ahead of Kimball. Lapcevich would get alongside Sheridan for third on Lap 138, completing the pass a lap later, and bringing Kimball through with him. Sheridan now ran fifth, as Benedict and Wallace battled for sixth. Benedict got the spot on Lap 141, as McHattie rounded out the top-seven.

With 144 laps complete, Brandon Watson led Fitzpatrick, Kimball, Cayden Lapcevich, Sheridan, Benedict, Wallace, Treyten Lapcevich, McHattie, Mitchell, Horner, and Zardo. Treyten would then get alongside Wallace for seventh on Lap 148, completing the pass a lap later. McHattie continued to run ninth ahead of Mitchell, Horner, Zardo, James, and Lynch.

Kimball’s climb to the front continued as he’d pass Fitzpatrick for second with 13 laps to go, followed by McHattie passing Wallace for eighth a lap later. Mitchell would fall back to 11th, after Horner would get by him with five laps to go. The pair would find each other once again on the last lap, though, getting together down the backstretch.

Brandon Watson picked up the win ahead of Ryan Kimball, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Cayden Lapcevich, Jake Sheridan, Danny Benedict, Treyten Lapcevich, Dan McHattie, Mike Wallace, and Chris Mitchell. James Horner finished 11th as the first car one lap down ahead of Lane Zardo, Derek Lynch, Connor James, Brandon Feeney, Steve Powell, Rick Spencer-Walt, Doug Wills, Jeff Richards, and Rob Robinson.


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