Outlaw Midgets

Mike Bradley Scores First Career Outlaw Midget Feature Victory

After coming close through the years, everything came together on Saturday night for Mike Bradley to score his first career Outlaw Midget feature victory.

Jody Bound won the first heat ahead of Mike Bradley, Nigel Buttivant, Kevin Spiez, Robin McLean, Brian Woodland, Wayne McKibbon, and Zack Millman as Wally Wilson ran into problems with two laps to go.

Rob McCall won the second heat ahead of Steve Lassman, Richard Woodland, Ryan Brown, Larry Lawson, Scott Webb, Nick Spiez, and Adam Tyo. Unfortunately, Jessica James broke on the opening lap, along with Dylan Little before the green flag.

Jody Bound went for the daily double ahead of Brian Woodland, Bradley, Spiez, Wilson, McKibbon, and Rick Splawnyk. Buttivant pulled off with a problem on Lap 7, while Millman spun on the opening lap before pulling off.

Jessica James won the fourth heat ahead of McCall, Brown, Lassman, Little, Richard Woodland, Lawson, Webb, Nick Spiez, and Tyo.

Come feature time, Nigel Buttivant started pole ahead of Jessica James, Kevin Spiez, Brian Woodland, Ryan Brown, Steve Lassman, Mike Bradley, Rob McCall, Jody Bound, Larry Lawson, Wayne McKibbon, Wally Wilson, Dylan Little, Robin McLean, Zack Millman, Nick Spiez, Mikey Homewood, Richard Woodland, Rick Splawnyk, Scott Webb, and Adam Tyo.

The race didn’t start off smoothly with a caution on the opening lap for Brown spinning off of turn four. The second attempt went well with James taking the initial lead ahead of Brian Woodland, as Bound got alongside McCall for third. Bound would complete the pass, before passing Woodland on Lap 3 to move into second. Woodland now ran third ahead of McCall, Bradley, Buttivant and McLean as Wilson made his way down pit road with a problem.

Richard Woodland would get alongside McLean for seventh on Lap 5, completing the pass a lap later. The second yellow flag then waved on Lap 7 for Bound having a motor problem.

James got a good restart to keep the lead with Bradley moving into second ahead of Brian Woodland, Richard Woodland, Little, and Buttivant. Richard’s early strong run came to a halt on Lap 9, though, as he’d bring out the third yellow for a spin in turns three and four.

James got another good restart ahead of Bradley and Brian Woodland, as Nick Spiez ran into a mechanical problem sending him down pit road. Little would also run into problems, but was unable to make it to pit road, stalling on track for the fourth yellow flag at Lap 11. With 14 laps to go, James led Bradley, Woodland, McLean, Buttivant, McCall, Brown, Lassman, Lawson, Richard Woodland, Kevin Spiez, McKibbon, and Homewood.

Bradley got a good restart to take the lead ahead of James and Brian Woodland. Woodland then moved into second on Lap 12, as James headed off the track with a problem. McCall would move up into third with Richard Woodland back up to fourth after his early spin ahead of Buttivant. Richard would get alongside McCall for third on Lap 14, unable to complete the pass. Behind them, Brown challenged Buttivant for fifth, but was also unable to complete the pass as Lassman rounded out the top-seven.

At the front of the field, Brian Woodland got alongside Bradley for the top spot on Lap 17, completing the pass a lap later. Richard Woodland would once again challenge McCall for third with six laps to go, this time completing the pass. The battles continued on with Bradley back alongside Brian for the lead at Lap 21, completing the pass a lap later.

Mike Bradley then led the rest of the way en route to the win.

1st 53 Mike Bradley
2nd 48 Brian Woodland
3rd 84 Richard Woodland
4th 62 Rob McCall
5th 37 Steve Lassman
6th 1 Nigel Buttivant
7th 24 Ryan Brown
8th 71 Wayne McKibbon
9th 79 Scott Webb
10th 8 Larry Lawson
11th 98 Kevin Spiesz
12th 72 Zack Millman
13th 10 Robin McLean DNF
14th 82 Rick Splawnyk DNF
15th 2 Jessica James DNF
16th 17 Mike Homewood DNF
17th 50 Nick Spiesz DNF
18th 11 Dylan Little DNF
19th 5 Jody Bound DNF
20th 69 Wally Wilson DNF
21th 78 Tom Tyo DNF

96 DNS. 50 Eric Wagner loaned 50 car to Nick Spiesz for race.

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