Ontario Pro Challenge

Sean Warren Scores Ontario Pro Challenge Victory at Sunset Speedway

Taking the lead in the early stages, Sean Warren didn’t look back en route to scoring the Ontario Pro Challenge feature victory on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway.

Mike Norris started pole ahead of Peter Hattin, Rick Seeley, Sean Warren, Bryan Stevanus, Mike Johnson, Tim Norris, Tim Shanahan, and Julia Capirchio.

Hattin grabbed the lead off the drop of the green flag with Warren slotting into second, as Mike Norris and Johnson battled for third, with Steveanus and Tim Norris side-by-side for fifth. It didn’t take long for Warren to track down Hattin for the top spot, getting alongside him for the lead on Lap 3.

Warren took the lead on Lap 4, with Johnson slotting into second a lap later, to bump Hattin back to third. Behind him, Stevanus ran fourth followed by Mike Norris, Tim Norris, Seeley, Shanahan, and Capirchio.

The middle of the race would see the field string out single-file, but that didn’t last long with Stevanus getting alongside Hattin for third on Lap 12. Stevanus was able to get the spot, bringing Tim Norris through with him. Norris then got alongside Stevanus with six laps to go, but was unable to complete the pass.

Sean Warren picked up the win ahead of Mike Johnson, Bryan Stevanus, Tim Norris, Peter Hattin, Mike Norris, Rick Seeley, Julia Capirchio, and Tim Shanahan.


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