Ontario Legend Series

Andre Fiorini Sweeps Ontario Legends Series Features at Sunset

A little patience in the first, followed by a fast car in the second worked out for Andre Fiorini as he swept the Ontario Legends Series features at Sunset Speedway on Saturday night.

The first feature saw Matt Haufe start on pole, followed by Andre Fiorini, Adam Cuthbertson, Keith McLeod, Parker Traves, Kevin Foisy, Keith McLeod, and Wes Cuthbertson, with a slew of others behind.

The action started right away with a caution on the opening lap for Jeff Forsey spinning on the backstretch. The second attempt to start the race saw Haufe lead the opening lap, but the yellow flag on Lap 2 for an incident involving Andrew Massey, Shane Pollock, and Jason Legge.

Matt Haufe got a good restart to keep the lead, with Adam Cuthbertson alongside Fiorini for the second spot. Cuthbertson got the spot on Lap 3, bumping Fiorini back to third ahead of Foisy, McLeod, Robin Jongen, Wes Cuthbertson and Terry McCelland as Joe Adams and Traves ran side-by-side for ninth. Foisy would try to get Fiorini for third on Lap 6, but was unable to complete the pass. Meanwhile, Traves cleared Adams for ninth on Lap 9.

The second caution would fly on Lap 10 with Forsey going for a spin in turn three and four. The restart saw another yellow flag as Haufe and Adam Cuthbertson made contact in turn four, causing Cuthbertson to spin. This would hand the lead to Fiorini. The third restart didn’t go much smoother, with a multi-car incident on the backstretch involving McLeod, Arnott, and Foisy.

With rain beginning to fall harder, the checkered flag was flown with Andre Fiorini getting the win ahead of Robin Jongen, Wes Cuthbertson, Terry McCelland, Parker Traves, Joe Adams, Dawson Drimmie, Rick Easdes, Paul Pierik, and Shane Pullock. Jason Legge finished 11th, followed by Howard Bentley, Don Arnott, Joe Sherman, Jeff Forsey, Andrew Massey, Matt Haufe, Adam Cuthberrtson, Kevin Foisy, and Keith McLeod.

The second feature saw Wes Cuthbertson start on pole ahead of Robin Jongen, Andre Fiorini, Terry McCelland, Parker Traves, Jason Legge, Dawson Drimmie, Jeff Forsey, Howard Bentley, Matt Haufe, Adam Cuthbertson, Shane Pullock, Kevin Foisy, Joe Adams, Andrew Massey, Don Arnott, Joe Sherman, Keith McLeod, and Paul Pierik.

The drop of the green saw a battle for the lead between Wes Cuthbertson and Jongen, with Cuthbertson getting the top spot on Lap 2 as Fiorini got alongside Jongen for second. Jongen was able to hold the challenge off, getting back alongside Cuthbertson for the lead on Lap 4. Jongen took the lead a lap later, with Fiorini following him through to bump Cuthbertson back to third as Drimmie headed into the pits with a problem.

Fiorini would then get alongside Jongen for the lead on Lap 7, completing the pass a lap later to take over the top spot. Cuthbertson continued to run third ahead of McCelland, Haufe, Traves, Adam Cuthbertson, Foisy, and Pullock as Arnott made his way down pit road on Lap 11. McLeod ran 10th ahead of Adams, Legge, Perik, Bentley, and Massey.

Haufe would then get alongside McCelland for fourth on Lap 13, completing the pass a lap later. Adam Cuthbertson moved up to sixth as Foisy got alongside Traves for seventh at Lap 15, completing the pass a lap later. Foisy would then pass Cuthbertson for sixth at Lap 18, bringing Traves through with him.

Andre Fiorini picked up the win ahead of Robin Jongen, Matt Haufe, Terry McCelland, Kevin Foisy, Parker Traves, Adam Cuthbertson, Keith McLeod, and Joe Adams.

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