Can-Am Midgets

Flamboro Speedway – July 28, 2018 Recap

Playing host to a couple touring divisions, the action was fast-paced on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway.

Ontario Outlaw Super Late Models

Posting the quickest lap in qualifying, J.R. Fitzpatrick took full advantage of the pole as he led every single lap en route to the victory in the Don Biederman Memorial.

Fitzpatrick laid down the fastest lap in time trials at 14.277 seconds and then rolled a one so there’d be no invert of the field. Glenn Watson qualified second, followed by Jordan Howse, Shane Meginnis, Jake Sheridan, John Cadman, Todd Campbell, Roy Passer, Charlie Gallant, Dario Capirchio, Chris Burrows, Jamie Richardson, and Mike Miller.

Fitzpatrick got the top spot off the green flag ahead of Watson, Meginnis, Howse, and Sheridan. Sheridan would move up into fourth on Lap 8, bumping Howse back to fifth with Cadman looking for a way by. Unfortunately, there’d be contact with Howse spinning Cadman for the caution at Lap 14.

Fitzpatrick and Watson ran side-by-side on the restart ahead of Maginnis, Howse, Sheridan, and Gallant. Fitzpatrick cleared Watson for the top spot on Lap 17 ahead of Maginnis as Passer went for a quick spin without a yellow flag. Howse ran fourth ahead of Gallant, with Campbell getting alongside Gallant for fifth at Lap 19. Campbell got the spot a lap later, bumping Gallant back to sixth ahead of Cadman.

The field ran single-file, navigating their way through lap traffic, except for Howse passing Maginnis for third on Lap 36. The race would see a second caution flag, as that waved on Lap 49 for Cadman blowing a motor, laying fluid around the whole track that required a lengthy half-hour clean-up.

The restarts saw a brief battle for the lead, but Fitzpatrick drove away, leading the last 26 laps to score the victory. Glenn Watson finished second, followed by Jordan Howse, Shane Maginnis, Jake Sheridan, Todd Campbell, Chris Burrows, Dario Capirchio, Jamie Richardson, Mike Miller, John Cadman, Charlie Gallant, and Roy Passer.

OSCAAR Modifieds

Taking the lead just before the halfway mark, John Harper would pace the field the rest of the way en route to winning the OSCAAR Modified feature.

Harper won the first heat ahead of Jason Keen, Jason Bowden, Gary Elliott, Dale Reinhart, Marshall Schrenk, and Tyler Di Venanzo.

Cory Horner won the second heat ahead of A.J. Emms, Jase Cornell, Luke Gignac, Jeff Showler, David McKnight Jr., and Wally Wilson.

Gary Elliott won the third heat ahead of Shower, Horner, Bowden, Harper, McKnight, and Di Venanzo.

Dale Reinhart won the fourth heat ahead of Gignac, Emms, Schrenk, Keen, Cornell, and Wilson.

With Gary Elliott and A.J. Emms leading the field to green, it’d be Emms taking the top spot ahead of Elliott, Reinhart, Harper, Gignac, Bowden, Horner, Keen, Showler, Cornell, Schrenk, McKnight Jr., Wilson and Di Venanzo in the early stages. Horner would get by Bowden to move up to sixth, with Showler looking to follow him through. Unfortunately, that didn’t work as they’d be contact with both crashing in turn one for the race’s lone caution on Lap 8.

Emms got a good restart to keep the lead with Reinhart moving up into second as Elliott didn’t get a good restart, causing a three-wide battle for position mid-pack immediately. Harper would move up into third ahead of Gignac, Horner, Elliott, Keen, Cornell, Schrenk, Bowden, McKnight, and Wilson.

Harper continued to move forward, passing Reinhart for second with 13 laps on the board. Harper would track down Emms for the lead, getting alongside him for the top spot just before the halfway mark at Lap 18. It’d take four laps, but Harper took the lead on Lap 22 ahead of Emms and Reinhart. Reinhart would then make his way by for second, bringing Horner and Gignac through with him to bump Emms back to fifth. Back in the field, Wilson received the black flag, bringing him down to the pits early.

John Harper picked up the win ahead of Dale Reinhart, Cory Horner, Luke Gignac, A.J. Emms, Gary Elliott, Marshall Schrenk, Jason Bowden, Jason Keen, Jase Cornell, David McKnight Jr., Tyler Di Venanzo, Wally Wilson, and Jeff Showler.

OSCAAR Pro Sprints

Youth may be on the rise in the OSCAAR Pro Sprint division, but experience also matters as Daniel Hawn beat out a pair of 15-year-olds to score the victory.

The first heat didn’t go smoothly as both Ryan Battilana and James Stanley broke, while Rob Summers made contact with the frontstretch wall. Jaden Riddel scored the win ahead of Tyler Cullen, Kelly Summers, and Larry Westwood.

The second heat also featured some more bad luck with Brody Rickwood running into problems, while Kevin Taylor went for a quick spin on the backstretch. Daniel Hawn picked up the win ahead of Norman Newman, Gary Triska, Taylor, and Brian MacDonald.

Tyler Cullen won the third heat ahead of Brickwood, Taylor, Battilana, Shawn Stanley, Triska, and Westwood.

Daniel Hawn went for the daily double ahead of Newman, Riddel, Kelly Summers and MacDonald as James Stanley broke.

With Kelly Summers and Norman Newman leading the field to green, it didn’t take long for Daniel Hawn to move into the top spot as he was leading by Lap 3 ahead of Newman and Jaden Riddel. Riddel then made his way by Newman on Lap 4 to take second. Behind them, Tyler Cullen ran fourth ahead of Summers, Ryan Battilana, Gary Triska, Kevin Taylor, Shawn Stanley, and Larry Westwood.

Battilana would get alongside Summers for fifth at Lap 7, with Taylor alongside Triska for seventh a lap later. Battilana moved into fifth just before the halfway mark ahead of Summers, Triska, Taylor, Shawn Stanley, Westwood, Brian MacDonald, and Brody Rickwood.

With 15 laps on the board, Hawn continued to lead ahead of Riddel, with Cullen passing Newman to move into third. Summers ran fifth ahead of Taylor, Stanley, Triska and Battilana as Battilana slowed with a problem. Taylor would break into the top-five on Lap 15, passing Summers for the spot.

Daniel Hawn picked up the win ahead of Jaden Riddel, Tyler Cullen, Norman Newman, Kevin Taylor, Kelly Summers, Shawn Stanley, Gary Triska, Larry Westwood, Brian McDonald, Ryan Battilana, Brody Rickwood, James Stanley, and Rob Summers.

Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets

Luc Munsie was supposed to start on pole in the first of two features, but dropped back due to a clutch problem. This handed the pole to Cassidy March ahead of Brandon Zavarella, Dominique Smith, Cory Whittam, Brandon Hauch, Ryan Fraser, Steve Murdoch, Adrian Stahle, Adam Racine, Darren Dryden, and Mark Schultz.

On the opening lap, though, contact happened in turn one and two sending March around, with other drivers catching a piece of it. Dominique Smith would get the lead on the restart as Hauch and Zavarella battled for second. Hauch moved into the runner-up on spot on Lap 2 ahead of Zavarella, Racine, Stahle and Murdoch.

Hauch got alongside Smith for the lead at Lap 6, completing the pass a lap later. Smith now ran second ahead of Zavarella, Racine, Stahle, Murdoch, Dryden, Fraser, Whittam, March, and Munsie. Hauch began to stretch out his lead immediately, with Zavarella getting alongside Smith for second at Lap 13. Zavarella took the spot a lap later, bringing Stahle through with him as Racine got alongside Smith for fourth. Stahle tried to pass Zavarella for second at Lap 16, but was unable to complete the pass.

Racine moved into fourth ahead of Smith, Dryden and Murdoch, with Dryden getting alongside Smith for fifth with six laps to go, completing the pass a lap later. Brandon Hauch picked up the win ahead of Adrian Stahle, who was able to make the pass with three laps to go on Brandon Zavarella. Adam Racine finished fourth, followed by Darren Dryden, Steve Murdoch, Dominique Smith, Ryan Fraser, Cory Whittam, Cassidy March, Luc Munsie, and Mark Schultz.

In the second feature, Cassidy March started pole ahead of Cory Whittam, Ryan Fraser, Dominique Smith, Steve Murdoch, Darren Dryden, Adam Racine, Brandon Zavarella, Adrian Stahle, Brandon Hauch, Mark Schultz, and Luc Munsie.

Whittam took the lead off the drop of the green flag with Dryden immediately moving up to into second ahead of Smith, Murdoch, Fraser, and Zavarella. Dryden would get alongside Whittam for the top spot at Lap 3, passing him a lap later. Whittam now ran second ahead of Murdoch, Smith and Fraser.

With eight laps on the board, Dryden continued to lead as Murdoch got alongside Whittam for second. Murdoch took the top spot one lap later ahead of Whittam, with Zaverella moving up into fourth ahead of Smith and Stahle as Fraser slowed with a problem. The final 10 laps would run mostly single-file, except for Stahle passing Smith for fifth on the last lap.

Darren Dryden picked up the win ahead of Steve Murdoch, Cory Whittam, Brandon Zavarella, Adrian Stahle, Dominique Smith, Adam Racine, Brandon Hauch, Cassidy March, Mark Schultz, Ryan Fraser, and Luc Munsie.

Ray’s Auto Center and Towing Super Stocks

Off the drop of the green flag in the first feature, Bobby Mercer took the early lead ahead of Jake Watson, as Brad Collison battled Rick Hay for third. Collision got the spot on Lap 2, ahead of Hay, Randy Rusnell, Carson Nagy, and AJ Miller.

Everybody’s eyes would be on the battle for the lead through the feature, as Watson ran right on Mercer’s bumper,looking for a way by, with small bumps traded along the way. Everything came to a head with four laps to go when Watson gave him a shot entering the corner, causing Mercer to go for the spin. As a result, both drivers were sent to the back for the restart, giving the lead to Collison.

Brad Collison got a good restart as Rusnell and Hay battled for the lead, with Rusnell moving into second on Lap 17 and bringing Nagy through with him a lap later. Brad Collison was credited with the win ahead of Randy Rusnell, Carson Nagy, Bobby Mercer, Jake Watson, Rick Hay and AJ Miller.

In the second feature, Rick Hay started pole ahead of Jake Watson, Bobby Mercer, Carson Nagy, Randy Rusnell, Brad Collison, and AJ Miller. Watson took the top spot on the opening lap ahead of Hay, with Mercer alongside Nagy for third. Mercer got the spot on Lap 3 ahead of Nagy, Rusnell, Collison, and Miller.

Mercer then got alongside Hay for second at Lap 12, taking the spot a lap later, bringing Nagy, Rusnell and Collison through with him as Hay got sideways off of turn two. Rusnell would then get alongside Nagy for third at Lap 15, completing the pass a lap later, bringing Collison through with him. Nagy now ran fifth ahead of Hay and Miller.

Jake Watson took the win ahead of Bobby Mercer, Randy Rusnell, Brad Collison, Carson Nagy, Rick Hay, and AJ Miller.

The action at Flamboro Speedway isn’t set to slow down as this Saturday, August 4 is Kid’s Ride Night, featuring a chance for kids to take a ride around the track in a race car beginning at 5:30 pm. Beyond that, there will be lots of free giveaways including bicycles, backpacks, and more. The action on-track will feature the Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, Pure Stocks, Pro 4 Modifieds, Ontario Modified Racing Series, and the Canadian Vintage Modifieds.

Gate details and admission prices, along with the full schedule for Flamboro Speedway this season can be found on the track’s website at

Be sure to keep up with the latest by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at

Race Report by Ashley McCubbin

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