Flamboro Speedway

Dylan Sharpe Leads Flag-To-Flag in “STOCK” Car Nationals Bone Stock Feature

Getting the pole on the re-draw, Dylan Sharpe led flag-to-flag in the “STOCK” Car Nationals Bone Stock 50-lap feature on Sunday at Flamboro Speedway.

Kyle Neumeister laid down the quickest lap at 19.286 seconds ahead of Andy Wheller (19.898), Rodney Rutherford (19.922), Andrew Castelien (19.985), and Courtney Scott (20.001). Dylan Sharpe qualified sixth, followed by Blair Mayhew, Clinton Kerkhof, Mark Thorne, Eric Stewart, Matt Young, Nick Clarke, Matt Fraser, Dan Storey, Travis Hofstetter, and Julie Saunders.

With the invert of six, Sharpe started pole ahead of Scott, Castelien, Rutherford, Wheller, Neumeister, and the rest of the field.

Sharpe grabbed the early advantage ahead of Rutherford, Wheller, Neumeister, Scott, Mayhew, Castelien, Thorne, Kerkhof, Young, Clarke, Storey, Fraser, Stewart, Hofstetter and Saunders as Lawrence made his way to the pits on Lap 5.

The field ran single file through the opening laps until Lap 8 when Neumeister challenged Wheller for third. Wheller was able to hold onto the spot, instead looking for second on Rutherford. Wheller got the spot on Lap 10, with Neumeister following him through a lap later to bump Rutherford back to fourth ahead of Scott.

Neumeister would look for second on Wheller, but the first caution came out on Lap 13 for debris on the frontstretch. With 37 laps to go, Sharpe led Wheller, Neumeister, Rutherford, Scott, Mayhew, Castelien, Thorne, Kerkhof, Young, Clarke, Storey, Fraser, Stewart, Hofstetter and Saunders.

Sharpe got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Wheller and Rutherford, as Neumeister dropped back drastically due to appearing to lose power. This would allow Thorne to move up to fourth ahead of Kerkhof and Mayhew as Saunders pulled off the track after a spin in turn two. Clarke moved up into seventh ahead of Castelien and Scott.

Castelien would look for seventh on Clarke at Lap 18, while Mayhew challenged Kerkhoff for fifth a lap later. Mayhew got the spot on Lap 20 ahead of Kerkhof, Castelien, Scott, Clarke, and Young.

After his apparent problem, Neumeister began to make up considerable ground quickly. He passed Young for 10th at Lap 22, followed by a pass on Clarke a lap later for ninth. He would then challenge Scott for eighth at Lap 24, gaining the spot as Castelien challenged Kerkhof for sixth. Kerkhof kept the spot, allowing Neumeister to move up into seventh on Lap 26 ahead of Castelien.

The battles continued in the middle of the pack with Mayhew challenging Thorne for fourth, unable to complete the pass. This would actually allow Neumeister to pass Mayhew for fifth at Lap 28, passing Thorne a lap later for fourth as Storey pulled into the pits done for the event.

With 29 laps on the board, Sharpe continued to lead Wheller, Rutherford, Neumeister, Thorne, Mayhew and Castelien as Scott and Kerkhof battled for eighth. Ahead of them, Castelien was able to get alongside Mayhew for sixth, as Young pulled off the track. The battle for sixth got interesting on Lap 32, with Mayhew tagging Castelien.

The race took a big twist at Lap 34 with the second caution that resulted in both Wheller and Neumeister suffering significant damage due to an incident off of turn four.

Sharpe got a good restart to lead ahead of Thorne, as Castelien and Scott battled for third. Castelein moved into second on Lap 36 as Thorne and Kerkhof went side-by-side for third. Kerkhof took the third spot a lap later ahead of Castelein, Clarke, Scott, Fraser, Hofsetter, Scott, and Stewart. The battle for seventh got interesting on Lap 40, with Hofsetter tagging the back of Fraser. This allowed Hofsetter to move up into the spot ahead of Scott.

Scott would try to get by Hofsetter for seventh at Lap 42, but instead Hofsetter made his way by Thorne for sixth. Thorne now ran seventh ahead of Scott, Fraser and Stewart. Fraser got alongside Scott for eighth with five laps to go, completing the pass and challenging Thorne for seventh.

Dylan Sharpe led the rest of the way home with Andrew Castelien edging out Clinton Kerkhof for second. Nick Clarke finished fourth, followed by Travis Hofstetter, Mark Thorne, Matt Fraser, Courtney Scott, Eric Stewart, Andy Wheller, Rodney Rutherford, Blair Mayhew, Kyle Neumeister, Matt Young, Julie Saunders, Dan Storey, and Kris Lawrence.

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