Bone Stocks

Kyle Neumeister Remains Undefeated at Sunset Speedway

Leading the way from the beginning of the feature once again, Kyle Neumeister remains undefeated at Sunset Speedway in the Grassroots Performance Bone Stock division.

Neumeister won the first heat ahead of Peter Inglis, Connor Maltese, Kris Inglis, and Aundrea Lusk.

Neumeister went for the daily double ahead of Peter Inglis, Maltese, Lusk, and Kris Inglis.

Come feature time, Kris Inglis started pole ahead of Connor Maltese, Peter Inglis, Aundrea Lusk, and Kyle Neumeister.

It didn’t take long for things to get interesting, as Peter Inglis got the black flag for the window net coming down. That’d turn into a caution when he stopped on the backstretch to receive assistance from race officials to put it back up.

Once the green flag was back out, it didn’t take long for Kyle Neumeister to grab the lead, pacing the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory. Peter Inglis fought back for a runner-up ahead of Connor Maltese. Aundrea Lusk finished fourth, following a pass on Kris Inglis at the halfway mark.

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