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Samantha Shaw Scores Hat Trick at Sunset Speedway

Showing speed right off the trailer through practice, Samantha Shaw was fast throughout the entire night en route to scoring a heat trick, winning both her heats and the feature.

Dylan Holmes won the first heat ahead of Daniel Montanari, Sean Hodgson, Doug Wilman, Eric Rainey, Taylor Thring, and Peter Wakeling.

Samantha Shaw won the second heat ahead of Tyler Seaboyer, Chandler Bos, Bob Phinnemore, and the 45.

Daniel Montanari won the third heat ahead of Holmes, Hodgson, Wilman, Rainey, and Thring.

Samantha Shaw went for the daily double ahead of Seaboyer, Bos, Phinnemore, and the 45.

Come feature time, it’d be Samantha Shaw starting on pole ahead of Dylan Holmes, Daniel Montanari, Tyler Seaboyer, Sean Hodgson, Chandler Bos, Doug Wilman, Bob Phinnemore, Eric Rainey, the 45, Taylor Thring, and Peter Wakeling.

Shaw grabbed the early lead right off the drop of the green flag in her No. 81 Spira Fire Protection / Lucas Oil Products Mustang with Holmes and Montanari battling for second. Montanari got the spot on Lap 2 ahead of Holmes and Seaboyer, with Seaboyer challenging Holmes for third the next circuit.

Tyler Seaboyer then put his new car up into third on Lap 4 ahead of Holmes, Hodgson, Wilman, Bos, Phinnemore, Rainey, the 45, and Thring. Unfortunately, Hodgson’s strong run came to an end on Lap 7 as he made his way down pit road with a mechanical problem.

The race was pretty quiet through the middle portion, except for a battle between father and grandfather on Lap 12, with Phinnemore taking the sixth spot a lap later. Rainey continued to run eighth behind them, until he was passed by the 45 with five laps to go.

Samantha Shaw then held off a determined Daniel Montanari the rest of the way to the feature victory.

“In all honesty, I don’t run a rearview mirror, and I have a side mirror that I can move, and as soon as I took the lead, I moved it in so I couldn’t see,” she said. “I had no idea he was there. I was just trying to hit my marks, and everything worked out.”

Shaw added with starting on a “great note,” she hopes to be at Sunset Speedway more often, possibly on a full-time basis.

Tyler Seaboyer finished third, with Doug Wilman and Bob Phinnemore rounding out the top-five. Chandler Bos finished sixth, followed by Dylan Holmes, the 45, Eric Rainey, and Taylor Thring.


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