Bone Stocks

Kyle Neumeister Scores Inaugural Bone Stock Feature Victory

Sunset Speedway began a new era on Saturday night with their inaugural Bone Stock event, which saw Kyle Neumeister visit feature victory lane.

Andy Wheller won the first heat ahead of Kyle Neumeister, Scott McGregor, Brad Lavalle, Peter Inglis, Connor Maltese, and Kris Inglis.

Andy Wheller went for the daily double, winning the second heat as well ahead of Neumeister, McGregor, Lavalle, Maltese, Kris Inglis, and Peter Inglis. The race wasn’t without excitement as Peter started on pole, and was working at keeping both Wheller and Neumeister behind him. The pair got a run as they came up upon Kris’ slower car, sending them each their own direction, with Peter taking the route through the grass and catching some air in the process.

Come feature time, though, it was all Kyle Neumeister as he grabbed the lead off the drop of the green flag and didn’t look back, despite being challenged throughout the event. Andy Wheller finished second, followed by Brad Lavalle, Connor Maltese, and Kris Inglis.


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