Gary Triska Growing More Comfortable with OSCAAR Pro Sprints

After a solid season in the OSCAAR Pro Sprints last year, Gary Triska is one of the drivers who has committed to being part of the starting grid once again in 2018.

“2018 will be a big year as we learned a lot from last year,” he said. “Moving forward and getting comfortable in the car is going to help out in 2018. The Pro Sprints have a big line up for Sunset Speedway and I’m glad to see the series growing so fast.”

Going into the year, Triska says his goal is to run all of the events on the calendar, focused on improving his results from 2017 of placing ninth in the year-end standings with five top-10’s.

“Last year was an up-and-down battle with the car,” he admits. “Some nights, we just missed the set up and others we had motor issues. Once we got that figured out, we started gaining speed every night leading up to Autumn Colors.”

Triska feels the biggest difference from last year to 2018 will be continuing to get more comfortable with the car.

“We learned a lot about the setups and how the car will handle to adjustments,” he said. “I’ve raced at Delaware speedway for multiple years in bone stocks to trucks, and these cars are an animal nothing like I’ve ever drove before. They’re low, small and really fast.”

For Triska, he got started in racing through being a crew member on a team at Delaware Speedway. It led to his first chance behind the wheel, as the driver offered him a chance to drive the truck during practice.

“I was hooked after that,” he said. “Raced in the bone stock class – was 2010 chaos car champion, moved up to trucks as well as raced Enduros a couple years. I have to thank my wife Jordan my mom and dad, my brother and aunt rose for supporting me through the years of racing.”

Looking back through the years, while admitting it’s hard to pick a single memorable moment, the championship at Delaware in 2010 stands out in his mind.

Triska and the OSCAAR Pro Sprints will kick off the 2018 season at Sunset Speedway as part of the track’s Spring Velocity on May 20. Ironically, it’s the track that Triska says he’s looking forward to the most being his first start there, and having never raced at the Innisfil, Ontario facility before.

While it is an unknown, everybody is certain the show they will be put on will be great for the fans in attendance.

“The Pro Sprints in 2018 will put on the best show at every track we travel to,” he said. “Charles and Jackie spend crazy amounts of time on the series and it’s growing really fast. I can’t thank Charles and Jackie enough for what they do to the series, and all their hard work in growing the series . 2018 will be a big year a lot of new cars and a lot more drivers then 2017.”

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