OSCAAR Hot Rods Ready to Embark on Sophomore Campaign

They may have started with just three cars at some of the dates, but it was just the beginning of something special.

An idea thought of by series president Dave Gainforth, and then explored with those within the industry, the OSCAAR Hot Rods were in the headlines before they even hit the track in 2017. The aspect of going back to a different era for just a brief moment, rekindling those memories of the past and taking a pause in time – it caught everyone’s attention. Let’s face it, some of the sexiest cars came out during the 1960s and 1970s.

Of course, talking about it is one thing, but actually putting the rubber to the road is another. It may have started out slow, but in total, 18 different competitors ran at least one event over the course of the year.

“I was close to pulling the pin on the Hot Rod Series,” Adam Misener admitted. “I regained hope for the series when I personally started receiving a lot of questions and interest in the series, and acknowledgement from the fans. I have no question at this time with a consistent car count and the volume of cars being prepared that the series will be a huge success. It is really cool see the pictures of a full field of these things.”

The car counts on a weekly basis weren’t always solid – as expected in an inaugural season, but there were some nice high points. After the inaugural event had seven cars on track at Kawartha Speedway, the series grew to have a total of 11 at Sunset Speedway’s Velocity 250.

The fans immediately began discussing what they were seeing either, as the likes of an impala from Misener, Hawn Racing’s Belmont, and Dan Price’s classic Chevrolet captured the essence of what everybody wanted.

The sophomore season promises to be once again great, as most of the competitors have confirmed that they will return for 2018.

There are also cars being built from a variety of talent, including multi-time mini stock winner Jeremy McLean and Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup standout Brad Martin.

You also have modified competitor Mike Westwood, too. Oh, and you cannot forget Derek Henderson. After piloting Price’s ride for a couple of events, he will be bringing out his own this season.

There are others are in the works, too, whether complete new builds, or modifying cars they have to fit the rules. If everything comes together, the car counts could easily sky rocket.

“As with anything new there was widespread apprehension at first,” Dan Price commented. “Once a couple of guys committed, went out on a limb and built cars along with those of us with existing cars that fit the rules got a handful of cars together and started this ball rolling those on the fences could see the direction things where headed and they could now build cars with confidence it wasn’t going away.

“It was good to see new cars showing up at every race as the season went along and catching glimpses of cars being built on social media, I expect big things in 2018 and beyond.”

Notably, the OSCAAR Hot Rods will kick their year off in a special way, honoring Sunset Speedway’s 50th Anniversary on April 29 to open the 2018 season.


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