Flamboro Speedway


Photo Courtesy of Kyle Istead

With 15 top-10’s, Kyle Istead put together a solid year in 2017 at Flamboro Speedway. He will be back next season, and shared his thoughts for SHORT TRACK MUSINGS.

SHORT TRACK MUSINGS: What are your thoughts going into 2018?

KYLE ISTEAD: Looking forward to 2018.  We finally got our car working good near the end of the season and had a few top 5’s to round out the year. Flamboro Speedway has put together a great schedule. Can’t wait for the gates to open.

STM: What are your goals for this year?

ISTEAD: Our goals for this year are to attempt to run consistently within the top-five.  There’s a lot of very fast guys in our class, so I’d like to be running right there with them.
And of course to pick up a win with that as well is always on everyone’s mind.

STM: The big story right now for Flamboro has to be the “STOCK” Car Nationals. What are your thoughts?

ISTEAD: The 50 lap Nationals has been the main discussion on social media, so to compete against the top drivers and teams from across Ontario is something that I’m very much looking forward to. Just to qualify for these events will put us in a group with the best of the best….. Look for our No. 79 Mustang to make the field.

STM: What are your final reflections on last season?

ISTEAD: 2017 was great because I got married to the love of my life Misty. But at the track,it was a challenging year for us. We had issues that prevented us from having the lap times needed to run up with the leaders. My crew which consists my Dad Rob Istead, our good friend Rick Burbridge, my Uncle John Istead, and my buddy William West.  They kept digging and had the car working the best it ever has.  More power, handling, and looking great! Our team is called Steadfast for a reason; we never give up!

STM: What can you take with you in 2017 into this year that you feel will help you?

ISTEAD: The best thing I can take away from 2017 is knowing how dedicated my crew and family are. My Step Mom Cathy Istead, and my wife Misty hosted a very successful Steadfast night in the corner one VIP tower for all of our sponsors, family and friends. Everyone had a great time and we’ll definitely do it again this year. I also want to take this opportunity to once again thank of of our sponsors publicly. We’re so happy they’re part of our Team. A big Thank you goes out to Ron and the entire Weeks Home Hardware group, Doug Dolson of Paramount Landscaping, Donny Linde at Linde’s Plumbing, Derek from Coffee News, Dewalt, and a special thanks to Harry Nicholson owner of Harlyn Fabricating. We won 2017 Best Appearing Car for our hot rod, so that makes us happy. Shows that the hard work pays off.

STM: What started your interest in racing?

ISTEAD: My Grampa Wally raced, and that touch was handed down to my Dad, and now I have it. I’ve been around it my entire life. Must be in my blood, because I cant imagine not being involved in racing. I love this sport!

STM: What’s been your most memorable moment?

ISTEAD: I have a few, but My most memorable moment is when I strapped into a racecar and lined up for my very first time. The lights, crowd, the excitement; there is nothing like it! .. Others are: my Rookie of the year award and of course carrying the checkered flag for the first time after a heat race win. Still looking for that Feature; I think this is the year!

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