Brad Martin Ready for OSCAAR Hot Rod Series in 2018

After a successful stint in the Mini Stocks, Brad Martin will be one of the drivers vying for the OSCAAR Hot Rod Series championship in 2018.

“I hope I can have some success in the series,” Brad Martin said. “I’ve always liked OSCAAR and how the series is run; a lot of good guys in it, and hopefully I can become one of those good guys that everyone cheers for.”

Martin says he chose to build a Hot Rod for 2018, due to believing in the concept and being a muscle car guy.

“I like the old Dodge cars, and I think it was awesome seeing the old Dodges,” he commented. “Of course, we’re going to have a Dodge in the Hot Rod Series. Nobody else does at the moment, so hopefully it gets some other guys interested in it.”

The season will see him cross the province, making stops at each of the tracks, with Kawartha Speedway and Jukasa Motor Speedway on his current radar.

“It’s a toss-up between Kawartha because it’s my home track from when I ran Mini Stock, and the recently added date at Jukasa,” he said. “I’m very much looking forward to that track because it’s a lot of like Kawartha, just a newer surface and way better lighting.”

Kawartha will be one of the more interesting dates, notably, for the Hot Rods as they will run double features on July 13, followed by a feature on dirt at Brighton Speedway the next day.

“Hopefully everything goes good the night before, and we can run Brighton the next day,” he commented. “I don’t think we’ll be changing too much from Kawartha to Brighton because it’s a one-time deal. I’ve never been on dirt, so that will be kind of weird. But I think it’s going to be kind of neat. I have a back-up plan if I don’t think I can do the Brighton race. My brother will drive, but we’ll see how it goes.”

Entering the year, he is keeping his goals realistic, hoping to be one of the feature winners. But having been away from driving for a year and a half, Martin adds that the focus at firs will be getting “some top-fives to get back into the flow of things.”

For Martin, his interest in racing developed after going to the track one night to help his brother crew for someone.

“I didn’t like being on the pit crew,” he admitted. “I thought I’d be better driving the car, so me and my dad built the car and that’s where it all started. Ran the mini stock for three years with a lot of success at Kawartha, a lot of success at Sunset – we won pretty much everywhere we went, which was good. So it was a good run for those three years.”

Looking back, a pair of victories stand out in his mind.

“My first one was obviously a big deal,” he recalled. “I actually hurt the motor in the car and probably wouldn’t had lasted many more laps. It was a 50 lap race, and when we finally got the car back to the trailer, there was not a lot of oil left in it, so that was pretty big deal. When I won Velocity the first time, it was kind of cool, but I didn’t know the significance of the Velocity Mini Stock invitational. When I came back the next year and everybody was excited that I won it again, it really sunk in. that was a pretty cool deal for me. That was actually my last Mini Stock win, so perfect way to bookend my first one to my last one.”

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