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Over $6800 Up for Grabs at Flamboro Speedway Stock Car Mini Stock Nationals

There’s going to be lots of money given out over the course of 2018 if the early signs are any indication, and it’s nice to see all divisions getting in the action. The Mini Stocks will get their opportunity for a big pay day, courtesy of a new initiative at Flamboro Speedway.

The Hamilton, Ontario-based oval announced that they will be hosting the “STOCK” Car Nationals on June 10 and July 8, with both events featuring triple 50 lap features for the divisions on hand with 30 pure stocks, 30 mini stocks, and 24 super stocks set to start their respective features. The field will be set virtue of time trial qualifying, with a last chance qualifier possibly being held.

So far, it has been announced that as long you qualify for the event, you are guaranteed $60 each for Pure Stock, $100 for Mini Stocks and $200 for Super Stocks; each of the respective overall event winners will each earn $1000. The rest of the payout structure has yet to be announced, but will use a graduated pay scale through the field.

Then things get interesting, thanks to the some hard work and dedication from fellow racers. Rich Schwartzenburg has been rallying the troops together to increase the payout for the mini stocks, with Jonathan Ayrton doing the same for the pure stocks. From lap sponsors to contingency sponsors, the purse has only continued to climb.

As of December 13 in what Schwartzenburg has posted, here is the breakdown for the Mini Stocks. The Lap sponsors will be done for the first of the three 50 lap features.

$1906 in lap sponsors
$1000 in Contingency sponsors 
$1000 to win
$100 to start
$100 to set a track record
$6806 minimum total purse

Specials Notes:
-$200 to the top Finishing Oshweken driver from Clinton Geoffrey Kruchka
-$500 courtesy of Klotz Automotive & Engine Machine Shop Mark Klotz Mike Klotz
-$150 to the best built car from Keith Temple
-$100 To the top qualifier from SDR seating. Erik Dalla Riva
-$50 bonus for the 14th place car Keith Temple

The Big Mini Race laps 
Lap 1: $25 4th place John Howell
Lap 2: $25 22nd place Mark Dennis
Lap 3: $100 1st place Linda Olson Escarpment Realty
Lap 4:$25 17th place Lindsay Anne Hooper
Lap 5-$25 for 5th place Jonathan Ayrton
Lap 6-$86 for 8th place Spira Fire Protection
Lap 7-$25 for 7th place Matt Young
Lap 8-$86 for 6th place Spira Racing
Lap 9-$25 for 7th place Kyle Istead
Lap 10-$50 30th place LRR
Lap 11-$25 Ernie Fumerton Performance for 3rd place
Lap 12-$30 for 2nd place Schwartzenburg Racing
Lap 13-$50 13th place Cathy Mcculloch Gilbert
Lap 14-$50 for 7th place Corrie Wilson
Lap 15-$25 15th place Jim Bowman Red Chevron Club
Lap 16-$25 for 3rd place by John Schwartzenburg Haulage
Lap 17-$25 top running Flamboro car with perfect attendance Michael Hooper
Lap 18-$25 Glen Hils
Lap 19-$25 Glen Hils
Lap 20-$50 for 30th place LRR
Lap 21-$25 for 21st place Jonathan Ayrton
Lap 22-$25 for 2nd place The Old Barn
Lap 23-$25 Glen Hils
Lap 24 -$50 for 24th place Tyler Mayhew
Lap 25-$25 10th place for Scott Alexander plus $25 on the 25th place car from. Aj Miller Racing
Lap 26-$25 for 5th position from Fireball 5 racing
Lap 27-$25 for 27th place Blues Streak Contracting Matt Young
Lap 28-$30 for 15th place Dave Middel
Lap 29-$25 Mike Kenny
Lap 30-$50 for 30th place LRR
Lap 31-$25 for 26th place Blue Streak contracting
Lap 32-$25 for 10th by John Schwartzenburg Haulage
Lap 33-$33 for 17th place Mike Gilmour
Lap 34-$25 for 10th John Howell
Lap 35-$25 for the top running female from Donovan Price
Lap 36-$100 for 12th place Engines from Hal Harold Norry
Lap 37-$25 Glen Hils
Lap 38-$30 1st place Rodney Rutherford
Lap 39-$91 for 9th Bruce Moran
Lap 40-$50 for 30th place LRR
Lap 41-$25 18th place Blue Streak Contracting
Lap 42-$25 for the top running car with a burn out the bully sticker Taylor Thring
Lap 43-$25 for the highest running non Flamboro driver (outsider) Clinton Nicholls
Lap 44-$25 for 17th place John Howell
Lap 45-$45 for 14th place Ken Wallace Contracting
Lap 46-$25 for 9th place Dan Cabral Cabral racing Promotions
Lap 47-$25 for 7th place Paul Huskins
Lap 48-$25 for 10the John Howell
Lap 49-$25 Randy Spencer Flamboro Speedway Hall of Fame
Lap 50-$50 for 30th place Mike Schmidt LRR
Lap 50- $50 Doug Leonard

Schwartzenburg continues to collect donations, and encourages those interested in sponsoring the event to get a hold of him. Schwartzenburg mentioned to Short Track Musings recently that he would like to be able to also have a title sponsor and a couple of contingency like most popular, hard charging, hard luck etc., so a few more sponsors stepping up would be huge for the event.

Those interested in sponsoring can contact Rich Schwartzenburg directly on Facebook, or through the event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/320702691669459/. 

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