Stefan Woyslaw Puts Together “Great Season” at Sunset Speedway

With consistency all season long, Stefan Woyslaw put together a solid campaign at Sunset Speedway to place fifth in the Signs of Innovation Mini Stock standings.

“Well we had a great season overall, (and) achieved most of our goals,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “Won a heat race, won two B mains, finished in the top five in the Sunset Speedway championship points standings, and finished 56th in NASCAR National Division III championship. Three out of four (is) not bad, but still would love to have the FIRST Feature win.”

From start to finish, Woyslaw was among the competitive cars, scoring 14 top-10’s, with the biggest highlights being the three aforementioned wins, and “finishing every lap of every race this year.” It marked a notable improvement from his 2016 campaign when he scored just one top-10.

“The biggest thing was the New car, because I was able to drive it harder, and getting a balanced setup to run consistent every night,” he commented. “We only had one part fail all year and that was a starter.”

Now the focus shifts from turning the solid performances into his first career feature win, following a career-best fifth on July 22. While looking to improve within his own program is on the list, some changes by the track could also help a little, too.

“Well the York National Realty Inc, 94 Mustang needs the track rules to be balanced out a little more to help the rear wheel drive cars for 2018,” he said. “Running against fuel injection and computers is a little harder for Mustangs with us have old Technology.”

As noted, the rules meeting took place not long ago with discussion centered around some changes to the division, and now with that completed, Woyslaw is shifted on working on the car through the winter, with hope on his side for the division’s future.

“(We’re) just waiting on the tracks to make their final choice on tires that we will be running,” he added. “This will be a good thing as all tracks in Ontario will finally be running a spec tire.”

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