St. Onge Recreation Super Stocks

Sunset Speedway Super Stock Memorable Moments of 2017

Through the course of the 2017 season, there were plenty of moments that stood out for the St Onge Recreation Super Stocks at Sunset Speedway.

Before we look ahead to 2018, let’s take a glance back at the year that was.

Mere Inches

There are some finishes that you will just never forget due to how epic they were right to the moment the top-two crossed under the checkered flag. It’s even better when that moment happens on the final night of competition during the season.

On the restart with five laps to go, Mike Weeda and Coltin Everingham went back and forth, remaining side-by-side with each pass by the flag stand. Coming for the checkered flag, it’d be Weeda getting the win by just a bumper ahead of Everingham, or 0.030 seconds.

Not too shabby, eh?

Three-Wide Chaos

Of course, the week prior to that set the stage for what everybody knew would be a dramatic ending to the 2017 season as it featured drama through the final seven circuits, complete with contact between the leaders on the final lap.

Following a restart with seven laps to go, Johnny Morrison and Jordan Howse remained side-by-side ahead of the field, with Passer taking them three-wide down the backstretch on the final lap. Going into turn three, contact ensued between them, resulting in Morrison sliding sideways and up the track.

Last Race Pass

Sometimes it isn’t necessary contact that makes for drama, but rather the timing of the pass for the win.

With 23 laps on the board, Gerritt Tiemersma continued to lead, with Coltin Everingham and Dustyn Mombourquette side-by-side for second. Everingham got the spot with six laps to go, followed by getting alongside Tiemersma for the top spot and taking the lead on Lap 25. Everingham then led the rest of the way to score his second victory of 2017.

First Win Glory

When you score your first career win, you’re always looking to do it in style. For Jade Franklin, he can very well say that.

The youngster got alongside Johnny Morrison for the lead on a restart with 16 laps to go, though at first lost out as Morrison cleared him two laps later. But Franklin wasn’t about to give up, as he tagged Morrison entering the corner, with Morrison pulling the block off the corner and down the backstretch. Their back and forth battle was put on pause, though, as the third caution flew on Lap 21 for an incident on the backstretch.

The restart saw the battle for the lead between Morrison and Franklin continue with Franklin finally able to clear Johnny Morrison with a couple laps remaining, leading the rest of the way en route to his first career feature victory.

Rubbin’ is Racin’

The tight fighting for the lead should’ve been no surprise near the end of the year, as we got a real nice preview on the second night of competition.

The battle for the lead got interesting in the closing stages that night, with the top-four all under a blanket. Push came to shove with eight laps to go as Ryan Semple made contact with Dan Archibald in turn two, resulting in both drivers going up the track a little. Jordan Howse took full advantage of the opportunity, sneaking past both to put the No. 8 entry out front.

Howse then led the rest of the way en route to scoring the feature victory ahead of Miles Tyson, Dan Archibald, Ryan Semple and Stefan Semeraro.

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