Peterborough Speedway

Treyten Lapcevich Leads Flag-to-Flag in Autumn Colours Classic Super Stock Feature

Starting up front, Treyten Lapcevich took the lead right from the start and led the rest of the way en route to becoming the youngest Autumn Colours Classic Super Stock feature winner at Peterborough Speedway.

The first heat saw some paint traded, with Jordan Howse tagging Dan Archibald going into turn three, with Archibald able to save it and keep going. Then later on, Fedele DiBello would make contact with Howse. Dan Archibald picked up the win ahead of Vaughn Lawrence, Howse, DiBello, Tim Burke, Jay Cutting, Paul Boundy, Jason Praysner, Brad Lavalle, and Travis McLean.

The second qualifier saw Herb Walters suffer a flat tire following contact. Carson Nagy picked up the win ahead of Adam Misener, Ken Grubb, Rob Richards, Bailey Jacobs, Howie Crowe, Brandon Feeney, Nick Tooley, Jaymee Adams, and Tom Podd.

The third heat would see Chris Allard get into Kenny McNicol Jr., resulting In McNicol going around and collecting Brandon Passer. Treyten Lapcevich picked up the win ahead of Gerritt Tiemersma, Coltin Everingham, James Townsend, McNicol, Casey Cavanagh, Allard, Jeremy Brooks, and Anthony DiBello.

The fourth qualifier saw Lawrence spin on Lap 1, followed by a caution on Lap 7 for Cutting spinning Fedele DiBello. Paul Boundy picked up the win ahead of Archibald, Howse, DiBello, Praysner, Cutting, McLean, Lawrence, Burke, and Lavalle.

Ken Grubb won the fifth heat ahead of Nagy, Walters, Jacobs, Richards, Misener, Crowe, Adams, Tooley, and Podd.

Treyten Lapcevich went for the daily double ahead of Tiemersma, Anthony DiBello, Everingham, Allard, McNicol, Passer, Townsend, and Cavanagh.

With more than 26 cars on the property, a b-main was run to set the back part of the field. There’d be a quick caution at Lap 18 for debris off of either Feeney or Broom as they battled for the last transfer spot. Brandon Passer picked up the win ahead of Tooley, Adams, and Broom. Feeney, Lavalle, Feeney, and Podd failed to qualify.

Come feature time, Anthony DiBello started pole ahead of Dan Archibald, Treyten Lapcevich, Carson Nagy, Gerritt Tiemersma, Ken Grubb, Jordan Howse, Coltin Everingham, Paul Boundy, Fedele DiBello, Bailey Jacobs, Rob Richards, Adam Misener, James Townsend, Kenny McNicol Jr., Chris Allard, Howie Crowe, Vaughn Lawrence, Jason Praysner, Jay Cutting, Herb Walters, Tim Burke, Casey Cavanagh, Travis McLean, Brandon Passer, Nick Tooley, Jaymee Adams and Jeremy Broom.

The first lap saw Anthony DiBello miss the first turn, going off the track through the turn one exit.

Treyten Lapcevich got a good restart to take the lead ahead of Archibald, Nagy, Grubb, Howse, Tiemersma, Everingham, Fedele DiBello, Boundy, McNicol, Richards, Jacobs and Townsend, as Misener and Allard ran side-by-side for 14th on Lap 5. Allard got the spot a lap later, bringing Lawrence through with him. Jacobs’ strong early run came to an end when he’d slow with a problem on Lap 7.

McNicol would pass Boundy for ninth on Lap 8, with Richards continuing to run 11th ahead of Townsend, Allard, and Lawrence. The shuffling continued with Howse getting alongside Grubb for fourth at Lap 10. Howse passed him a lap later, bringing Tiemersma, Everingham and Fedele DiBello through with him to bump Grubb back to eighth, with McNicol and Boundy rounding out the top-10.

At the front of the field, Lapcevich continued to lead ahead of Archibald, with Howse passing Nagy for third on Lap 14. Howse and Archibald made contact a lap later, but were able to keep going. Tiemersma moved up to fourth, with Everingham alongside Nagy for fifth.

The caution would then fly on Lap 16, though, for Misener spinning in turn two and McLean spinning in turn four. With 35 laps to go, Lapcevich led Archibald, Howse, Nagy, Tiemersma, Everingham, Fedele DiBello, McNicol, Grubb, Boundy, Townsend, Richards, Lawrence, Walters, Allard, Anthony DiBello, Crowe, and Passer.

The restart saw contact between McLean and Misener, with Misener spinning in turn four, and Fedele DiBello running over Tiemersma in the aftermath.

The second attempt went cleanly as Lapcevich got a good restart as Howse and Archibald battled for second. Howse got the spot on Lap 18 ahead of Archibald with Nagy in fourth ahead of Grubb, Townsend, Lawrence, Boundy, Walters, Allard, and Passer. Misener’s bad luck continued, as he’d go for another spin on Lap 21.

Lapcevich continued to lead, with Archibald back by Howse for second on Lap 23. Everingham ran fourth, with McNicol alongside Nagy for fifth. He was unable to complete the pass, though, before the fourth caution flew for an incident in turns one and two involving Anthony DiBello, Adams, and Praysner.

The restart saw more contact, with another incident tangling up Cavanagh, Tiemersma, Anthony DiBello, and Misener in turn four, which began with DiBello and Tiemersma spinning first. Another restart, and this time an incident in turn two involving Walters, Anthony DiBello, Townsend, Broom, and Allard.

Lapcevich got a good restart to continue leading ahead of Howse with Everingham up to third ahead of Archibald, as McNicol and Nagy rounded out the top-six. Archibald wouldn’t stay in fourth long, though, passing Everingham on Lap 34, and bringing McNicol and Nagy through with him. Nagy would try to get by McNicol for fourth, but was unable to.

Passer moved up into sixth on Lap 37 ahead of Grubb, Everingham, Allard, Lawrence, Boundy, and Townsend. Townsend then passed Boundy for 11th on Lap 40, as Crowe ran 13th ahead of Richards, Cavanagh, Broom, and Fedele DiBello. Townsend continued moving forward, passing Lawrence for 10th with three laps to go.

Misener would go for another spin on Lap 46, with Allard passing Everingham for eighth a lap later. The seventh caution of the event came out with four laps to go when Passer, Grubb, and Nagy got tangled up in turn four. On the restart, Archibald made a move on Howse, but would instead get into the turn three wall.

Treyten Lapcevich got a good final restart, leading the rest of the way for the win ahead of Jordan Howse, Carson Nagy, Ken Grubb, Chris Allard, Coltin Everingham, Kenny McNicol, Vaughn Lawrence, Howie Crowe, Casey Cavanagh, and Paul Boundy.


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