Peterborough Speedway

Rick Spencer-Walt Leads Flag-To-Flag in Autumn Colours Classic Late Model Feature

Back in July, Rick Spencer-Walt put together an impressive run en route to winning the Chase for the Colours to take the pole for the Autumn Colours Classic. He returned on Sunday to the 1/3 mile speedway, leading flag-to-flag en route to winning the feature.

The weekend didn’t start out how Spencer-Walt wanted, though, as he spun Doug Wills on Lap 3 of the first heat, followed by spinning Steve Powell two laps later. Ryan Kimball picked up the win ahead of Al Inglis, Danny Benedict, Steve Foster, and Powell.

Gord Shepherd won the second qualifier ahead of Amanda Balson, Dwayne Baker, Nick Goetz, Lane Zardo, Paul Maltese, Sam Charland, and Alvin McNicol.

Danny Benedict won the third heat ahead of Inglis, Kimball, Powell, Foster, Spencer-Walt, and Wills.

Dwayne Baker won the fourth qualifier ahead of Charland, Maltese, Balson, Shepherd, Goetz, Zardo, and McNicol.

Come feature time, Rick Spencer-Walt started pole ahead of Ryan Kimball, Al Inglis,  Danny Benedict,  Dwayne Baker, Gord Shepherd, Amanda Balson, Steve Foster, Steve Powell, Paul Maltese, Sam Charland, Nick Goetz, Lane Zardo, Doug Wills, Alvin McNicol, and Marvin Freiburger.

Spencer-Walt grabbed the early lead ahead of Kimball, Inglis, Baker, Shepherd, Balson, Charland, Goetz, Zardo and Benedict as Powell and McNicol ran side-by-side for 11th. Powell got the spot on Lap 7, bringing Freiburger and Foster through with him.

The first caution then flew on Lap 10 for Freiburger spinning Powell in turn two. The contact continued between the pair on the restart, bringing out another caution.

The second attempt went cleanly, despite Baker getting into Kimball with Spencer-Walt leading as Kimball remained second ahead of Inglis, Baker, Balson, Shepherd, Charland, Zardo, Goetz, Benedict, Freiburger, McNicol, Powell and Foster. Powell then got alongside McNicol for ninth, passing him on Lap 17.

While the field ended up spread out mostly single file, Goetz would make his way by Zardo for eighth on Lap 27, while Foster passed Powell for 10th a lap later. Powell now ran 11th ahead of McNicol.

Battles for position continued with Zardo spinning Charland on Lap 30, but Charland was able to keep going without caution. Freiburger was able to use the spin as a way to close the gap, getting alongside Charland for ninth, passing him on Lap 32. The caution would fly, though, four laps later when Baker slowed with a problem.

Spencer-Walt got a good restart ahead of Kimball, Inglis, Shepherd, Balson, Zardo, Charland, Goetz, and Foster.  Shepherd then began to move forward, passing Inglis for third on Lap 40. Balson followed him through, along with Baker and Charland. Inglis’ luck then got worse as he’d spin off turn two on Lap 42. This allowed Goetz to move up to seventh ahead of Foster, Benedict, and Freiburger.

The fourth caution then flew on Lap 44 for Inglis spinning on the backstretch. Under the yellow flag, Kimball, Inglis and Benedict each made their way down pit road. Spencer-Walt got a good restart as Balson and Shepherd battled for second, but the caution came out again for Inglis spinning McNicol in turn four.

Spencer-Walt got another good restart as Shepherd moved into second ahead of Balson, Zardo, Goetz, Charland, Freiburger, Kimball and Inglis. Benedict then got alongside Inglis for ninth on Lap 49, while both Freiburger and Kimball passed Charland a lap later. Kimball then continued to move forward, passing Freiburger for sixth at Lap 51. The sixth caution then came out a lap later for Inglis spinning off of turn two.

Spencer-Walt got another good restart as Balson moved into second ahead of Shepherd, with Zardo fourth ahead of Goetz, Kimball, Freiburger, Benedict, Charland, Foster, Powell, and Inglis. McNicol would head down pit road on Lap 58, as the caution came out for Powell going around.

Spencer-Walt got another good restart, with Shepherd moving back into second ahead of Balson, Kimball, Goetz, Zardo, Freiburger, Charland, Benedict, Foster, Powell, and Inglis. Balson then got alongside Shepherd for second at Lap 65, completing the pass a lap later.

Rick Spencer-Walt led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory, with Amanda Balson second. Ryan Kimball used a late-race bump and run to get third ahead of Gord Shepherd and Nick Goetz. Lane Zardo finished sixth, followed by Marvin Freiburger, Sam Charland, Danny Benedict, Steve Foster, and Steve Powell.


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