Outlaw Midgets

Jessica James Wins Second Straight Autumn Colours Classic

For the second straight year, Jessica James was victorious at the Autumn Colours Classic, as last year she won the OSCAAR Midget feature, while winning the Outlaw Midget main event in 2017.

Amanda McCall won the first heat ahead of Adam Carrothers, Ryan Brown, Kevin Spiez, Zachary Millman, and Jamie Smith.

Jessica James won the second qualifier ahead of Rob McCall, Paul Draganac, Brent Kemps, Nigel Buttivant, Jeff Blackburn, and the 20.

Adam Carrothers won the third heat ahead of Brown, Amanda McCall, Adam Tyo, Spiez, and Millman.

Paul Draganac won the fourth heat ahead of James, Kemps, Rob McCall, Buttivant, and the 20.

Come feature time, the caution flew on the opening lap for Rob McCall going around.  The second attempt to start the event went clean with James leading Kemps, Draganac, Carrothers, Buttivant, and Amanda McCall. But the yellow flag waved again on Lap 3 for Rob McCall and Millman going around on the frontstretch.

James got a good restart ahead of Kemps, Draganac, and Carrothers. Carrothers would go to make a move underneath Draganac for third on Lap 5, but got loose and spun around. Buttivant moved up to forth ahead of Tyo, Amanda McCall, Blackburn, Carrothers, Spiez, the 0 and the 20. Amanda McCall then made her way around Tyo for fifth on Lap 12, with Carrothers heading down pit road a lap later.

The race had a green flag look to it until Lap 15 when Tyo, McCall and Blackburn got tied up together in turns three and four.

James got a good restart continuing to lead ahead of Kemps, Draganac, Buttivant, Tyo, Spiez, and Smith. Draganac continued to move forward, passing Kemps for second on Lap 21.

Jessica James picked up the win ahead of Paul Draganac, Brent Kemps, Nigel Buttivant, Adam Tyo, Kevin Spiez, Jamie Smith, Amanda McCall, Jeff Blackburn, and the 20.


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