Flamboro Speedway

J.R. Fitzpatrick Scores Feature Victory at Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest

It was a great honeymoon for J.R. Fitzpatrick as after recently getting married the day before, he would pick up a feature victory at Flamboro Speedway on Sunday.

Following the first feature of the Triple Crown, James Horner started pole ahead of J.R. Fitzpatrick, Mark Burbridge, Steve Cashmore, Shawn Chenoweth, Chad Corcoran, Pete Shepherd, Hudson Nagy, Andrew Gresel, Brandon Watson, Kevin Albers, Jerry Wheaton, Shae Gemmell, Jeff Ruddy, Cayden Lapcevich, Mat Box, Keith Temple, Gary Elliott, and Jordan Lawrence.

Fitzpatrick jumped out to the early lead ahead of Burbridge, as Chenoweth and Horner battled for third. Chenoweth got the spot on Lap 2, bringing Shepherd through with him. Horner now ran fifth ahead of Corcoran, Cashmore, Gresel, and Albers. Horner would drop back once again, getting passed by Corcoran for fifth on Lap 5.

The first caution of the event flew on Lap 8 for an incident in turn three involving Nagy and Wheaton, while Box ran into trouble on the frontstretch. With 43 laps to go, Fitzpatrick led Burbridge, Chenoweth, Shepherd, Corcoran, Horner, Gresel, Watson, Albers, Lapcevich, Cashmore, and Gemmell.

Fitzpatrick got a good restart to keep the lead, with Chenoweth now up to second ahead of Shepherd, Burbridge, and Corcoran, as Watson and Gresel battled for sixth. Watson got the spot on Lap 11, with Lapcevich challenging Gresel next. Lapcevich was able to complete the pass two laps later, taking seventh ahead of Gresel, Gemmell, Box, Albers, and Cashmore. Gresel would then get back alongside Lapcevich on Lap 15, though.

With 16 laps on the board, Fitzpatrick led Chenoweth, Shepherd, Watson, and Corcoran. Burbridge ran sixth, followed by Gresel, Lapcevich, Gemmell, and Box. Albers ran 11th, followed by Cashmore, Temple, Horner, and Elliott.

Unfortunately, Albers’ strong run came to an end at Lap 24 as he began to slow. Gresel’s continued, though, as he passed Burbridge for sixth at Lap 29, with Lapcevich following him through.The shuffling continued further up the field, too, with Shepherd passing Chenoweth for second at Lap 35.

The race had a green flag appearance to it, with the field spread out, but it wouldn’t end without one more restart. The second caution flew with two laps to go for Elliott spinning off turn two, following contact from Burbridge.

J.R. Fitzpatrick got a good restart, scoring the victory 0.216 seconds ahead of Shawn Chenoweth. Brandon Watson finished third, followed by Pete Shepherd and Chad Corcoran. Cayden Lapcevich placed sixth, followed by Andrew Gresel, Shae Gemmell, Mark Burbridge, and Mat Box. Steve Casmore finished 11th, followed by Keith Temple, James Horner, Gary Elliott, and Kevin Albers. Jerry Wheaton placed 16th, followed by Hudson Nagy and Jordan Lawrence.


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