Flamboro Speedway

Rodney Rutherford Victorious in Pure Stock Frostoberfest Feature

The winning ways continue for Rodney Rutherford, as he picked up the win on Saturday in Flamboro Speedway’s Pure Stock Frostoberfest feature.

Following a pair of heats, Rutherford started on pole ahead of the Phil Givens, Cayden Lapcevich, Doug Moir, Karl Sault, Leo Labarbera, Brandon McFerran, Andy Wheller, Eric Crow, Gary Slama, Bob Hillar, Josh Shantz, Shawn Taylor, Andrea Parsons, Steve DeLeeuw, Courtney Scott, Mark Dennis, Mark Thorne, the 47, John Ditner, Mat Fraser, and the 49.

Rutherford jumped out to the early lead with Givens and Moir in toe. Sault moved into fourth on Lap 2, with McFerran tagging the back of Lapcevich through turns one and two. That would allow McFerran to move up to fifth on Lap 3, ahead of Slama, as Wheller got alongside Lapcevich for seventh. Slama then passed McFerran for fifth on Lap 4, bringing Wheller through with him.

Behind them, Shantz ran eighth, with Labarbera alongside Lapcevich for ninth. Labarbera completed the pass on Lap 6, with Crow looking to follow him through. Further up the field, though, Sault got alongside Givens for second on Lap 7, passing him a lap later. Moir continued to run fourth, with him being challenged for the spot by Slama.

The first caution of the event would fly on Lap 12 as a result of Parsons spinning in turn two. With eight laps to go, Rutherford led Sault, Givens, Moir, Slama, Wheller, McFerran, Shantz, Labarbera, Crow, Lapcevich, and Hillar.

Rutherford got a good restart ahead of Sault and Givens, with Slama continuing to run fourth as Moir challenged Wheller. Moir was unable to complete the pass, but instead fell back to sixth after he was passed by Shantz with five laps to go.

Karl Sault was able to keep himself right with Rutherford following the restart, and got alongside him for the lead with four laps to go. However, he was unable to complete the pass, ultimately crossing the finish line in second as Rodney Rutherford picked up the win.

Phil Givens finished third, followed by Andy Wheller, Gary Slama, Josh Shantz, Doug Moir, Brandon McFerran, Eric Crow, Cayden Lapcevich, Mark Thorne, Leo Labarbera, Bob Hillar, Courtney Scott, Mark Dennis, Steve DeLeeuw, Shawn Taylor, Andrea Parsons, Mat Fraser, the 47, John Ditner, and the 49.

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