Flamboro Speedway

Daniel Hawn Scores OSCAAR Pro Midget Frostoberfest Victory

The wins keep coming for Daniel Hawn as he won the OSCAAR Pro Midget feature at Frostoberfest this past weekend.

Jordan Hanna won the first heat ahead of Sam Gee, Steve Belfry, James Stanley, Norman Newman, Owen Elliott, Gary Triska, and Tyler Cullen.

Daniel Hawn won the second heat ahead of Craig Pitchell, Brody Rickwood, Rob Summers, Brent Kemps, McKenzie Hamilton, Shawn Stanley, and Charles Priestley.

The third heat featured a quick caution when Belfry going around in turn two on Lap 4. Hanna went for the daily double ahead of Summers, Hamilton, Rickwood, James Stanley, and Cullen.

Hawn went for the daily double in the fourth heat ahead of Pitchell, Gee, Kemps, Elliott, Shawn Stanley, and Triska.

Come feature time, Craig Pitchell started pole ahead of Sam Gee, Rob Summers, McKenzie Hamilton, Brody Rickwood, Jordan Hanna, Brent Kemps, James Stanley, Daniel Hawn, Steve Belfry, Shawn Stanley, Gary Triska, Owen Elliott, Norman Newman, Charles Priestley, and Tyler Cullen.

Craig Pitchell jumped out to the early lead with Hanna getting alongside Gee for second on the opening lap. Hanna moved into second on Lap 2 ahead of Gee, with Hamilton fourth ahead of Hawn, Summers, and Rickwood. Hawn continued to move forward, passing Hamilton for fourth on Lap 4.

At the front of the field, Hanna grabbed the top spot on Lap 5 ahead of Pitchell with Gee still in third ahead of Hawn and Hamilton as Summers and Rickwood battled for sixth. Hawn then passed Gee on Lap 7 to move into third, with Hamilton still rounding out the top-five. Summers took sixth on Lap 8 ahead of Rickwood, Kemps, Newman, Belfry, James Stanley, Elliott, Shawn Stanley, Triska and Cullen. Rickwood’s top-10 run would hit a snag on Lap 11 when he’d go around in turn two.

Daniel Hawn got a good restart to take the lead ahead of Hanna and Pitchell, as Summers continued to run fourth ahead of Kemps and Hamilton, as Rickwood got alongside Newman for seventh. He’d complete the pass on Lap 14, but spun three laps later for the second caution.

Daniel Hawn got a good restart with three laps to go, leading the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory. It marks his fourth consecutive win and fifth overall this year. Jordan Hanna finished second for his 11th top-five, with Craig Pitchell in third for his seventh top-five. Rob Summers placed fourth for his seventh top-five, with Brent Kemps in fifth for his fourth top-five.

Mckenzie Hamilton finished sixth for her first OSCAAR top-10, with Steve Belfry seventh for his sixth top-10. Norman Newman placed eighth in his OSCAAR debut, with Owen Elliott in ninth for his first top-10 of 2017. Shawn Stanley rounded out the top-10 for his fifth top-10.

Brody Rickwood finished 11th, followed by Tyler Cullen, Gary Triska, James Stanley, Sam Gee, and Charles Priestley.


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