Race Reports

Jordan Howse Completes 2017 Velocity Sweep at Sunset Speedway

After becoming the top qualifier, all eyes were on Jordan Howse. Then when he rolled the highest number for the invert possible – 12, all eyes were really on the No. 8 Super Stock. However, it was for the right reason as he drove through the field to win the Velocity 250 at Sunset Speedway. For Howse, it marks the first cap on a season that saw him win the Spring Velocity and season championship.

Sunset Speedway regular Brandon Passer won the first heat ahead of Peterborough Speedway competitor Fedele DiBello and Sunset’s Chris Allard. Delaware Speedway regular Jo Lawrence was fourth, with Sunset’s own Stefan Semeraro rounding out the top-five. Ryan Semple finished sixth, followed by Paul Boundy, Paul Maltese, Robbie Sikes, and Travis McLean.

Peterborough Speedway competitor Mark Gordon won the second heat ahead of Sunset’s Steve Slaughter Jr., and Sauble Speedway’s Brandon McConnell. Sunset took the final two spots of the top-five, with Jordan Howse and Dave Doucette. Johnny Morrison finished sixth, followed by Jaymee Adams, Anthony DiBello, and Brandon Feeney.

The third heat featured the first caution of the day, with Donny Munce getting into the backstretch wall. Sunset Speedway competitor Nick Tooley picked up the win ahead of Peterborough’s Dan Archibald and Sauble’s Jake Zevenbergen. Sunset then took the next two spots with Coltin Everingham and Miles Tyson. Herb Walters finished sixth, followed by Justin Holmes, Frank Davey, and Ethan Constable.

Stefan Semeraro won the fourth heat ahead of Lawrence, Sunset Speedway’s Ryan Semple, Fedele DiBello, and Sunset’s own Paul Maltese. Passer finished sixth, followed by Allard, Sikes, Boundy, and McLean.

2017 Sunset Speedway Super Stock Champion Jordan Howse won the fifth heat ahead of Sauble Speedway’s Ken Grubb and Sunset’s own Johnny Morrison. Doucette and Slaugher Jr. rounded out the top-five, ahead of Anthony DiBello, McConnell, Gordon, Adams, and Feeney.

The sixth heat didn’t start off cleanly as Munce and Dan Robb got hooked together off of turn four on the opening lap. Unfortunately, Constable didn’t have the run he wanted as he ran into mechanical issues. Coltin Everingham took the win ahead of Tyson, Zevenbergen, Sunset’s Justin Holmes, and Tooley. Archibald finished seventh, followed by Davey.

Driver Name Heat 1 Heat 2 Average
Jordan Howse 4 1 2.5
Coltin Everingham 4 1 2.5
Fedele DiBello 2 4 3
Jo Lawrence 4 2 3
Stefan Semeraro 5 1 3
Nick Tooley 1 5 3
Jake Zevenbergen 3 3 3
Brandon Passer 1 6 3.5
Steve Slaughter Jr. 2 5 3.5
Miles Tyson 5 2 3.5
Dan Archibald 2 6 4
Ryan Semple 6 3 4.5
Mark Gordon 1 8 4.5
Dave Doucette 5 4 4.5
Johnny Morrison 6 3 4.5
Chris Allard 3 7 5
Brandon McConnell 3 7 5


With over 28 cars on the property, the top-18 were locked in through the heats, with everybody else sent to the Last Chance Qualifier. Out of the last chance, the top-10 transferred to the main event. Ken Grubb picked up the win ahead of Anthony DiBello, Jaymee Adams, Dan Robb, Paul Boundy, Robbie Sikes, Frank Davey, Jay Cutting, Dennis Cybalski, and Brandon McFerran. Donny Munce, Travis McLean and Brandon Feeney would fail to qualify.

Following the invert, Mark Gordon started pole ahead of Dan Archibald, Miles Tyson, Steve Slaughter Jr., Brandon Passer, Stefan Semeraro, Kris Lawrence, Jake Zevenbergen, Fedele DiBello, Nick Tooley, Coltin Everingham, Jordan Howse, Dave Doucette, Ryan Semple, Johnny Morrison, Chris Allard, Brandon McConnell, Justin Holmes, Ken Grubb, Anthony DiBello, Jaymee Adams, Dan Robb, Paul Boundy, Robbie Sikes, Frank Davey, Jay Cutting, Dennis Cybalski, and Brandon McFerran.

Mark Gordon jumped out to the early lead with Miles Tyson in toe as Passer battled Archibald for second. The caution then flew, though, as Zevenbergen and Fedele DiBello both went around on the backstretch, collecting Cutting, Tooley, and Boundy in the process.

The first attempt to restart didn’t go as planned with Tyson jumping the start. The second attempt saw the pair of leaders go off evenly, before Gordon bounced off of Tyson, and then slowed down the frontstretch with an issue. Meanwhile, Zevenbergen headed down pit road with an issue as well.

With just three laps complete at this point, Tyson led Passer, Archibald, Lawrence, Slaughter Jr., Everingham, Semeraro, Howse, Doucette, Semple, Allard, Morrison, Holmes, McConnell, Anthony DiBello, Grubb, Robb, Cybalski, McFerrran, Fedele DiBello, Sikes, Davey and Boundy.

Tyson got a good restart to hold the advantage over Passer as Lawrence and Archibald battled for third, but the fourth caution flew as Everingham slowed with a problem.

Another good restart saw Tyson stay out front ahead of Passer, with the battle for third continuing. Lawrence got the spot, with Semeraro following him through. Semeraro then got alongside Lawrence for third on Lap 8, as Archibald and Howse battled for fifth. Semeraro then took third, but Howse that far behind as he’d get alongside him for the spot.

At the front of the field, Passer was able to get alongside Tyson for the lead on Lap 7, while Anthony DiBello pitted with a problem on Lap 9. The fifth caution then waved a lap later for Archibald, McConnell, and Holmes getting together in turn two. With 41 laps to go, Passer led Tyson, Semeraro, Howse, Semple, Lawrence, Morrison, Slaughter Jr., Doucette, Grubb, Allard, Robb, McFerran, Sikes, Davey, Cybalski, Boundy, and Everingham.

The restart saw Tyson and Passer battle for the lead, with Howse and Semeraro side-by-side for third as the top-eight ran double file. Passer would get the lead on Lap 12 as Howse got alongside Tyson for second ahead of Semeraro, Semple, and Morrison. Howse would clear Tyson for second at Lap 14 as the sixth caution came out for Robb going around in turn two.

Howse got a good restart to take the lead ahead of Passer, as Tyson and Semeraro battled for third. Tyson got the spot on Lap 16, but wasn’t left alone for long as Semple got alongside him right away. Semple would then clear him two laps later for the spot as Morrison and Semeraro battled for fifth.

Semple then got alongside Passer for second at Lap 19, but the seventh caution came out for Everingham stopping in turn two. With 32 laps to go, Howse led Passer, Semple, Tyson, Semeraro, Morrison, Doucette, Lawrence, Slaughter Jr., Grubb, McFerran, Sikes, Davey, Cybalski, Boundy and Robb.

Howse got a good restart to hold the lead while Semple held off Passer to remain second ahead of Tyson and Semeraro as Morrison and Lawrence battled for sixth. Morrison got the spot on Lap 22, with Doucette trying to follow him through but unable to. Instead, Slaughter Jr. got alongside Doucette for eighth.

Further up the field, Semeraro would get alongside Tyson for fourth at Lap 24, taking the spot two laps later as McFerran headed pit side. Tyson now ran fifth ahead of Morrison, Lawrence, Slaughter Jr., Doucette, Grubb, Allard and Robb. Slaughter would then get by Lawrence on Lap 31 to move up to seventh. Lawrence now ran eighth ahead of Doucette, Grubb, Allard, Robb, Sikes, Davey, and Boundy.

Tyson was then able to get back alongside Semeraro for fourth at Lap 35, completing the pass two laps later to take back the position. Their battle wasn’t anywhere near over, though, as Semeraro got back alongside Tyson with 12 laps to go. There would be contact between the pair as Semeraro tagged Tyson on Lap 41, but it wouldn’t be enough. Tyson got the spot a lap later ahead of Semeraro.

Behind them, Morrison ran sixth ahead of Lawrence, Slaughter Jr. and Doucette. Grubb then got alongside Doucette for ninth on Lap 44, with Slaughter getting alongside Lawrence two laps later. Slaughter got ahead of Lawrence with four laps to go, but Lawrence tried the cross-over, getting a block from Slaugther.

Jordan Howse led the rest of the way en route to victory ahead of Ryan Semple, Brandon Passer, Miles Tyson, and Johnny Morrison. Jordan Lawrence finished sixth, with Steve Slaughter Jr. in seventh despite climbing the wall coming to the checkered flag. Ken Grubb placed eighth, followed by Chris Allard and Dave Doucette.

Dan Robb finished 11th, followed by Robbie Sikes, Frank Davey, Paul Boundy, Dan Archibald, Brandon McFerran, Dennis Cybalski, Fedele DiBello, Coltin Everingham, and Justin Holmes. Brandon McConnell placed 11th, followed by Anthony DiBello, Mark Gordon, Zake Zevenbergen, Nick Tooley, and Jay Cutting.


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