Ontario Legend Series

Kevin Foisy Scores Ontario Legends Series Victory at Sunset Speedway

The win streak set by Matt Haufe came to an end on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway, as Kevin Foisy scored the feature victory.

Kevin Foisy won the first heat ahead of Adam Cuthbertson, Nick Ledson, Jamie Riberdy, Matt Haufe, Rick Eades, Wes Cuthbertson, Parker Traves, Jeff Drimmie, Andrew Massey and the 1.

Cole Ledson won the second heat ahead of Cole McFadden, Miles Tyson, Terry McClelland, Robin Jongen, Mike Getliffe, Don Arnott, Dawson Drimmie, the 23 and Cory Richardson.

Matt Haufe won the third heat ahead of Riberdy, Foisy, Adam Cuthbertson, Traves, Nick Ledson, Wes Cuthbertson, Massey, James MacArthur, Eades and the 1.

Robin Jongen won the fourth heat ahead of McClelland, Tyson, Cole McFadden, Shawn Murray, Cole Ledson, Arnott, Andrew McFadden, Jeff Drimmie, Richardson, the 23 and Jeff Forsey.

Come feature time, the early battle for the lead would be between Kevin Foisy and Miles Tyson. Foisy got the spot, with Cole McFadden getting alongside Tyson for second. Behind them, Adam Cuthbertson ran fourth as of Lap 3 ahead of Matt Haufe and Terry McLelland. Jamie Riberdy got alongside McLelland for sixth at Lap 4 ahead of Cole Ledson, as Nick Ledson ran alongside Robin Jongen.

Riberdy got the sixth spot on Lap 6 ahead of McCelland, Cole Ledson, Nic k Ledson and Jongen. Further up the field, Tyson cleared McFadden for second on Lap 7 ahead of Haufe, Cuthbertson, Riberdy and McClelland. Cole Ledson then got alongside McClelland for seventh at Lap 9 ahead of Nick Ledson and Jongen. Riberdy also made his move, getting alongside Cuthbertson for fifth at Lap 11.

Riberdy got the fifth spot on Lap 12 ahead of Cuthbertson, Cole Ledson, McClelland, Nick Ledson and Jongen. Haufe then got alongside McFadden for third at Lap 14 ahead of Riberdy, with Cole Ledson getting alongside Cuthbertson for sixth at the halfway mark. Ledson completed the pass on Lap 16, with McClelland continuing to run eighth ahead of Nick Ledson, Jongen, Wes Cuthbertson, Jeff Drimmie and Mike Getliffe.

At the front of the field, Foisy continued to lead while Haufe managed to track down Tyson for second, getting alongside him for the spot. However, the caution flew a couple laps later as a result of Adam Cuthbertson going around on the frontstretch.

The restart resulted in another caution as Andrew McFadden caught fire down the backstretch.

The second attempt went cleanly, with Kevin Foisy holding off the contenders behind him on the two-lap shootout to score the victory. Matt Haufe finished second, followed by Miles Tyson, Cole Ledson, Jamie Riberdy, Cole McFadden, Nick Ledson, Terry McClelland, Robin Jongen, Adam Cuthbertson, Mike Getliffe, Wes Cuthbertson, Shawn Murray, Jeff Drimmie, James MacArthur, Rick Eades and Parker Traves.

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