Race Reports

Jade Franklin Scores First Career Super Stock Feature Victory

After fighting through issues through the first couple weeks of the season, everything came together on Saturday night as Jade Franklin broke through for his first career Super Stock feature victory at Sunset Speedway.

The first heat featured a quick caution as Justin Holmes slowed down the backstretch on Lap 3 with a problem. Coltin Everingham picked up the win ahead of Dustyn Mombourquette, Brandon Passer, Ryan Semple, Kris Lawrence, Miles Tyson, Chris Allard, Frank Davey and Ethan Constable.

Mike Weeda won the second heat ahead of Stefan Semeraro, Herb Walters, Johnny Morrison, Jordan Howse, Jade Franklin, Gerrit Tiemersma, Robbie Sikes and Jaden Chapman.

Ryan Semple won the third heat ahead of Allard, Everingham, Weeda, Tyson, Passer, Lawrence, Holmes, Davey and Constable.

Jordan Howse won the fourth heat ahead of Franklin, Morrison, Tiemersma, Mombourquette, Semeraro, Walters, Sikes and Chapman.

Come feature time, Johnny Morrison started on pole ahead of Brandon Passer, Dustyn Mombourquette, Jade Franklin, Chris Allard, Stefan Semeraro, Miles Tyson, Herb Walters, Mike Weeda, Coltin Everingham, Ryan Semple, Jordan Howse, Gerrit Tiemersma, Robbie Sikes, Frank Davey, Justin Holmes, Ethan Constable, Jaden Chapman and Kris Lawrence.

Johnny Morrison grabbed the early advantage ahead of Mombourquette and Passer. Franklin then got alongside Passer for third on Lap 2, completing the pass a lap later. Passer now ran fourth ahead of Allard with Walters and Semeraro side-by-side for sixth at Lap 4 ahead of Semple, Weeda and Howse. The caution then flew, though, on Lap 8, with Tyson blowing the motor entering turn one.

Morrison got a good restart as Franklin got alongside Mombourquette for second, completing the pass two laps later on Lap 10. Mombourquette now ran third ahead of Walters, Weeda, Semple and Allard, with Everingham and Passer side-by-side for eighth. Semple would then get alongside Weeda for fifth at Lap 13.

With 14 laps on the board, Morrison led Franklin, Mombourquette, Walters, Semple and Weeda. The caution then flew on Lap 16, though, as Weeda spun Semple in turns one and two. With half the laps complete, Morrison led Franklin, Mombourquette, Walters, Allard, Everingham, Howse, Semeraro, Lawrence, Passer, Tiemersma, Holmes, Davey, Sikes, Constable, Chapman, Semple and Weeda.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Morrison and Franklin as Mombourquette grabbed third ahead of the battle for fourth between Walters and Howse. Morrison would clear Franklin for the lead on Lap 18, with Howse passing Mombourquette for third a lap later. Behind them, it’d be a three-way battle for fifth between Walters, Lawrence and Everingham. The battle for the lead wouldn’t go away, though, as Franklin tagged Morrison entering the corner, with Morrison pulling the block off the corner and down the backstretch.

Their back and forth battle was put on pause, though, as the third caution flew on Lap 21 for Semeraro and Tiemersma getting together on the backstretch. With 10 laps to go, Morrison led Franklin, Howse, Mombourquette, Lawrence, Walters, Everingham, Semple, Weeda, Passer, Davey, Sikes, Constable, Holmes and Chapman.

The restart saw the battle for the lead between Morrison and Franklin continue, as Howse grabbed third with Lawrence and Mombourquette side-by-side for fourth. Lawrence got the spot on Lap 24 ahead of Mombourquette, with Everingham alongside Semple for sixth. Lawrence then got alongside Howse for the third spot with three laps to go.

At the front of the field, Jade Franklin was able to clear Johnny Morrison with a couple laps remaining, leading the rest of the way en route to his first career feature victory. Jordan Howse finished third, followed by Kris Lawrence and Coltin Everingham. Dustyn Mombourquette finished sixth, followed by Ryan Semple, Herb Walters, Justin Holmes and Brandon Passer.

Mike Weeda finished 11th, followed by Robbie Sikes, Frank Davey, Ethan Constable, Chris Allard, Jaden Chapman, Gerrit Tiemersma, Stefan Semeraro and Miles Tyson.


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