Flamboro Speedway

Andy Kamrath Wins London Recrational APC 100 At Flamboro Speedway

By Randy Spencer (Flamboro Speedway PR) – Twenty Four cars were ready to wage battle at the fifth race in the APC United Late Model series at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway. The previous four races were won by Brandon Watson and he was ready to make it five in a row. Qualifying started the afternoon and the fast time was set by Matt Pritiko at 14.981 with Watson next at 14.987 and Andy Kamrath turning a fast lap of 15.002.

Home track divisions, the Ray’s Auto Centre & Towing Super Stocks, the Klotz Auto Repair and Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks and the Budget Tire Pure Stocks were on hand to each run two 20 lap features each.

Winners in Pure Stocks were Mark Thorne and Ross Winters Jr. Nice to see Ross back in victory lane. He had a strong start but some bad luck lately had dulled the shine but a win will change the outlook quick. After all was said and one on this night Doug Moir still leads Mark Thorne by two points. With the half way mark now in the books, looks like this one will go down to the final race of the season. Some of the most entertaining racing has taken place in this division for much of the year.

Mini Stock features were both won by Jake Gilbert. He dominated but still sits fourth in points, 77 behind Aicken, Some early season engine issues were the contributing factor. Nice to see a new driver out tonight. Erik Dalla Riva recently purchased the 86 Spira Mini Stock previously raced very successfully by Billy Schwartzenberg. Dalla Rivva has karting and road course experience but this was his first time on an oval in racing action. If the sixth and a second are any indication, look for him in victory lane soon. Also nice to see Mike Gilmour back behind the wheel. Like in Super Stocks, quite a few drivers in this division were hot under the collar all night. Lots of words exchanged on and off the track should make for some interesting features July 22nd. The dog days of summer racing are just beginning so don’t miss any of the action. Russ Aicken had a second and a DNF on the night but still leads Allie Ditner by 39 points.

The Super Stock feature wins went to Brandon McFerran and Shawn Arnott. The riot act was read prior to racing but it didn’t look like it was fully understood from where this writer sits. I can understand why perhaps. If you thought the Pure Stocks were close, Super Stocks are closer. Brandon McFerran and Nick Troback are tied in points with Chris Howse one point behind. With the summer heating up, so will the point races and the cool of many drivers will start to boil over.

The APC London Recreational Racing 100 got under way and after just one complete lap a 30 minute delay with a red flag as several cars spun in turn three and several had extensive damage. Chris Mitchell’s car was up on the wall and had to be removed.

Another caution as J.R. Fitzpatrick put down some fluid and collected a few more cars. Kamrath led almost every lap and it was one of the most exciting races in recent memory as Watson was glued to Kamrath’s bumper the entire race doing what he could to get by and get the 35 car loose, to no avail. Kamarath would come across the line first followed by Watson, Matt Pritiko would finish third with Shae Gemmell and Jamie Cox rounding out the top five.

Many thought it was like a freight train but with Watson winning the first four you knew he would do what he could to make it five. Rough day and night for the birthday boy, Matt Lockwood. He blew an engine in practice and went back to the shop to change it. Guessing they had some problems because he was behind the wheel of the 8 car when the green flew. He was mixed up in a crash when he got into the fluid the came from Fitzpatrick’s car and both local favorites were done for the night. Shame a couple of the nice guys (they all are aren’t they) Chris Mitchell and Michael Gold out after the first lap. Big thanks to Mike Schmidt and the London Recreational Race team for sponsoring the event. Mike hasn’t been a happy camper so far this year. The 89c car of Shawn Chenoweth has had some ups (was up to fourth at one point) and downs and I can tell Mike, like everyone, hates to lose. I personally know he was quite upset during this race with some on track stuff so nice to see Mike with a big smile on his face at the completion of the race as one of his other sponsored cars driven by Kamrath took the checkers.

Thanks to everyone for all the great prizes and freebies for the largest crowd of the year, close to 3000 by some accounts including main grandstand and pits. Big thanks to Shawn Turner from our track sponsor Bennett Chevrolet-Cadillac-Buick-GMC in Cambridge for all the great stuff you provided!

Please make plans to join us next Saturday, July 22nd as the Grisdale Late Models return joined by the Ray’s Auto Centre & Towing Super Stocks, the Klotz Auto Repair and Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks, the Pro Four Modifieds the Ontario Pro Challenge and the King of the Hill spectator races at intermission. Pits open at 4pm, front grandstands at 5pm with racing at 630pm. Check the website for all the details, http://www.flamborospeedway.ca

Thanks to Peter Anderson and Derek Smith (www.racepulse.com) for the great pictures and to Ingrid Hartman for the videos, please follow her on you tube at petalpower51.


Pure Stocks Feature #1 : #16 Mark Thorne, #10 Courtney Scott, #32 Gillian Hils, #66 Jeff Miller, #90 Andy Wheller, #23 Doug Moir, #83 Eric Crow, #50 Ross Winters Jr., #43 Kevin Heist, #42 Leo Labarbera, #78 Clinton Kerkhof, #72 Mark Dennis, #81 Jeff Bean, #18 Chris Pendlebury, #61 John Ditner, #7 Christie Glaves (NF), #13 Matt Young (NS)

Pure Stocks Feature #2 : #50 Ross Winters Jr., #23 Doug Moir, #78 Clinton Kerkhof, #83 Eric Crow, #32 Gillian Hils, #90 Andy Wheller, #66 Jeff Miller, #16 Mark Thorne, #10 Courtney Scott, #42 Leo Labarbera, #18 Chris Pendlebury, #81 Jeff Bean, #43 Kevin Heist, #72 Mark Dennis, #7 Christie Glaves (NF), #61 John Ditner (NF), #13 Matt Young (NS)

Mini Stocks Feature #1 : #03 Jake Gilbert, #71 Russ Aicken, #76 Shawn Taylor, #61 Allie Ditner, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #86 Erik Dalla Riva, #33 Mike Gilmour, #45 Kaitlyn Wallace, #07 Michael Kenny, #72 Rich Schwartzenberg, #77 Mike Hooper, #84 David Gallinger, #79 John Istead, #05 Jonathan Ayrton, #24 Blair Mayhew, #55 Taylor Thring, #7 Matt Young

Mini Stock Feature #2 : #03 Jake Gilbert, #86 Erik Dalla Riva, #61 Allie Ditner, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #72 Rich Schwartzenberg, #7 Matt Young, #76 Shawn Taylor, #45 Kaitlyn Wallace, #77 Mike Hooper, #84 David Gallinger, #07 Michael Kenny, #05 Jonathan Ayrton, #79 John Istead, #24 Blair Mayhew, #55 Taylor Thring, #33 Mike Gilmour (NF), #71 Russ Aicken (NF)

Super Stock Feature #1 : #31 Brandon McFerran, #73 Nick Troback, #55 Chris Howse, #70 Joe Trafford, #76 Shawn Arnott, #38 Bobby Mercer, #92 A.J. Miller, #13 Brad Collison, #63 Carson Nagy (NF), #05 Mike Coones (NF)

Super Stock Feature #2 : #76 Shawn Arnott, #55 Chris Howse, #73 Nick Troback, #13 Brad Collison, #63 Carson Nagy, #70 Joe Trafford, #38 Bobby Mercer, #92 A.J. Miller, #05 Mike Coones (NF), #31 Brandon McFerran (NF)

APC United Late Model Qualifying : #21 Matt Pritiko 14.981, #9 Brandon Watson 14.987, #35 Andy Kamrath 15.002, #3 Shae Gemmell 15.027, #89c Shawn Chenoweth 15.028, #97g Michael Gold 15.056, #17 Josh Stade 15.068, #86 Billy Schwartzenberg 15.082, #22 Jamie Cox 15.093, #2 Rick Burbridge 15.107, #81 Andrew Gressel 15.132, #32 Treyten Lapcevish 15.144, #39 Corey Jones 15.157, #72 Jr. Farrelly 15.200, #10 Tom Gibbons 15.227, #27 Mat Box 15.243, #44 Steve Laking 15.251, #23 Shawn McGlynn 15.286, #22m Chris Mitchell 15.368, #5 Marc Jacobs 15.447, #63 Hudson Nagy 15.511, #18 Patrick Freel 15.627, #8 Matt Lockwood (no time)

APC Late Model LRR 100 : #35 Andy Kamrath, #9 Brandon Watson, #21 Matt Pritiko, #3 Shae Gemmell, #22 Jamie Cox, #81 Andrew Gressel, #23 Shawn McGlynn, #44 Steve Laking, #2 Rick Burbridge, #72 Jr. Farrelly, #32 Treyten Lapcevich, #10 Tom Gibbons, #89c Shawn Chenoweth, #27 Mat Box, #39 Corey Jones, #17 Josh Stade, #63 Hudson Nagy, #5 Mark Jacobs, #18 Patrick Freel, #86 Billy Schwartzenberg, #8 Matt Lockwood, #37 J.R. Fitzpatrick, #97g Michael Gold, #22m Chris Mitchell

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