Peterborough Speedway

Rick Spencer-Walt Makes 2 in a Row at Chase for the Colours

For the second straight season, Rick Spencer-Walt will lead the field to the green flag for the Autumn Colours Classic as he scored the Chase for the Colours victory on Sunday at Peterborough Speedway.

Rick Spencer-Walt started off the day in victory lane, winning the first heat ahead of Mike Bentley, Amanda Balson, Dan McHattie, Taylor Holdaway, Ryan Kimball, and Terry Clodd.

Jack Horner won the second heat ahead of Bryan Mercer, Paul Maltese, James Horner, Danny Benedict, Mark Gordon, and Steve Powell.

The third heat featured a caution flag on the opening lap as Bentley spun McHattie going into turn three. Taylor Holdaway picked up the win ahead of Kimball, Spencer-Walt, Betts, Balson and Clodd.

James Horner won the fourth heat ahead of Benedict, Mercer, Jack Horner, Maltese, and Gordon.

Come feature time, Jack Horner started pole ahead of Bryan Mercer, Rick Spencer-Walt, James Horner, Taylor Holdaway, Amanda Balson, Paul Maltese, Ryan Kimball, Danny Benedict, Mike Bentley, Tyler Betts, Dan McHattie, Mark Gordon, Terry Clodd and Steve Powell.

Horner took the early lead with Spencer-Walt and Mercer side-by-side for second. Spencer-Walt got the spot on Lap 2, with Holdaway and Maltese following him through. Mercer now ran fifth ahead of Balson, Kimball, Benedict, Bentley, Betts and McHattie.

Bentley then got alongside Benedict for eighth at Lap 7, completing the pass a lap later.The passes continued as both Balson and Kimball slipped by Mercer on Lap 8, with Bentley getting alongside next Mercer.

At the front of the field, Horner’s strong early run came to an end on Lap 9 as he’d get loose off turn four, going around for the spin. Behind him, Holdaway got into Spencer-Walt, causing him to spin, with Balson and Betts also going around. Everybody got their spot back, except for Horner, as a result of being the after-effect due to the initial reason for the caution.

With 52 laps to go, Spencer-Walt led Holdaway, Maltese, Balson, Kimball, Bentley, Betts, McHattie, Benedict, James Horner, Gordon, Powell, Mercer, Clodd and Jack Horner.

The first attempt at a restart didn’t go well as Holdaway wouldn’t get going, with Powell and Clodd going around on the backstretch.

The second attempt was smoother with Spencer-Walt holding the lead ahead of Holdaway, Maltese, Kimball, Betts, Bentley, McHattie, Balson, Benedict, James Horner, Mercer, Gordon, Jack Horner, Clodd and Powell. Bentley continued to move forward, passing Betts on Lap 16 and bringing McHattie, Balson and Benedict through with him. Betts now ran ninth ahead of James Horner, Mercer, Gordon and Jack Horner.

With a third of the laps complete, Spencer-Walt continued to lead ahead of Holdaway, Maltese, Kimball, Bentley, McHattie, Balson, Benedict, Betts, James Horner, Mercer and Jack Horner.

Kimball then got alongside Maltese for third at Lap 24, completing the pass a lap later. Maltese now ran fourth as McHattie moved past Bentley for fifth on Lap 26. Balson continued to run seventh ahead of Benedict, Betts, James Horner, Mercer, Jack Horner and Gordon.

Jack Horner’s rough feature continued as he’d spin around on the backstretch at Lap 32. The caution wouldn’t fly for his incident, but did fly a lap later as a result of Powell spinning in turn four.

Spencer-Walt got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Holdaway as Maltese and Kimball went side-by-side for third. Kimball got the spot on Lap 36 with McHattie and Balson following him through. Bentley was the next to pass Maltese, but contact happened resulting in both drivers going around, with Benedict collected in the process for the fourth caution.

Spencer-Walt got another good restart ahead of Holdaway, Kimball, Balson, McHattie, Mercer, James Horner, Betts, Jack Horner, Gordon, Benedict and Maltese. Kimball then got alongside Holdaway for second at Lap 41, completing the pass a lap later. Unfortunately, Benedict’s feature came to an end on Lap 44 as he pulled down pit road.

The race looked set to go green flag for the rest of the way, but that wasn’t set to be the case as Holdaway spun around in turns one and two for the fifth caution on Lap 50.

Spencer-Walt got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Kimball, Balson, McHattie, Mercer, James Horner, Betts, Maltese, Jack Horner, Gordon and Holdaway. The caution then flew with four laps to go, though, as Horner went around in turn one.

The first attempt at a restart didn’t go smoothly, with James Horner taking a spin in turn one, catching some air on the tractor tire, collecting Maltese and Holdaway in the process.

Spencer-Walt got a solid restart with three laps to go, but wasn’t able to get away from Kimball as he remained right on his bumper. He’d give him a little shot coming to the checkered flag, but it wouldn’t be enough.

Rick Spencer-Walt picked up the win ahead of Ryan Kimball. The pair are now locked into the front row for the Autumn Colours Classic in October. Amanda Balson and Dan McHattie finished third and fourth to lock themselves into 13th and 14th for the event. They do have the option to try and improve their starting spot through the qualifying heats on Thanksgiving weekend.

Bryan Mercer finished fifth, ahead of Taylor Holdaway, Tyler Betts, Mark Gordon, Paul Maltese and Terry Clodd. Steve Powell finished 11th, followed by James Horner, Jack Horner, Danny Benedict, and Mike Bentley.


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