Peterborough Speedway

Kris Khan Scores Chase for the Colours Victory in Bulldog Racing 1-2

Bulldog Racing will lead the field to the green flag at the Autumn Colours Classic in October, as teammates Kris Khan and Noel Snow went one-two as the Chase for the Colours on Sunday at Peterborough Speedway.

Johnny Paradzinski won the first heat ahead of Kevin Strutt, Rob Harwood, Neil Bennett, Gil Brooks, Kent Missons, the 64, Andy McCann and Thomas Dunn.

Noel Snow won the second heat ahead of Neil Hannah, Kris Khan, Steve Brier, Ember Junkin, George Novis, Tyler Junkin, Willow Barberstock, and Marilyn Junkin.

Andy McCann won the third heat ahead of Paradzinski, Brooks, Harwood, Strutt, Dunn, Bennett, and Missons.

Willow Barberstock won the fourth heat ahead of Snow, Khan, Tyler Junkin, Ember Junkin, Novis, Dan Demers, and Brier.

Come feature time, Steve Brier started pole ahead of Tyler Junkin, Neil Bennett, Ember Junkin, Andy McCann, Willow Barberstock, Rob Harwood, Gil Brooks, Kris Khan, Kevin Strutt, Johnny Paradzinski, Noel Snow, Thomas Dunn, Dan Demers, Neil Hannah, Kent Missons, and the 11.

Off the drop of the green flag, Brier and Tyler Junkin, went side-by-side for the lead, with Junkin getting the top spot on Lap 2 ahead of Brier, Ember Junkin, Khan and Bennett as McCann and Brooks went side-by-side for sixth. Brooks got the spot on Lap 4, with Snow looking to follow him through.

Khan continued to move forward, passing Junkin for third, followed by a pass on Brier for second at Lap 6, bringing Ember Junkin through with him. Snow was next to pass Brier, but was unable to complete the pass as Paradzinski rounded out the top-six as of Lap 8. Paradzinski then got alongside Snow for fifth, passing both Snow and Brier to move up to fourth as of Lap 10.

With 12 laps on the board, Tyler Junkin continued to lead ahead of Khan, Ember Junkin, Paradzinski and Snow as Hannah slowed with a problem. Paradzinski then moved up to third, passing Ember Junkin on Lap 14. The first caution then flew on Lap 16 as a result of Brier going around in turns one and two. With 20 laps to go, Tyler Junkin led Khan, Paradzinski, Ember Junkin, Snow, Brooks, Bennett, McCann, Dunn, Harwood, Barberstock, Demers and Brier.

Khan got a good restart to take the top spot as Paradzinski got alongside Tyler Junkin for second. Paradzinski took the spot on Lap 18, with Snow following him through. Unfortunately, Tyler Junkin’s strong run came to an end as he was involved in an incident with Ember Junkin and Strutt on the backstretch for the second caution on Lap 19.

Khan got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Paradzinski and Snow, as Strutt ran side-by-side with Brooks for fourth ahead of Harwood. Strutt got the spot on Lap 20 ahead of Brooks, Harwood, McCann, Dunn, Barberstock, Tyler Junkin, Bennett and Ember Junkin. McCann then got alongside Harwood for sixth at Lap 23, completing the pass later as Dunn looked to follow him through.

Further up through the field, Paradzinski would get to the outside of Khan for the lead at Lap 25, but was unable to complete the pass. Instead, Snow got alongside Paradzinski for second, taking the spot on Lap 27 as Strutt continued to run fourth. Snow then tried his hand at passing Khan for the lead on Lap 28, but was unable to clear him as he fell back in line. Behind them, Tyler Junkin fought his way back up to the fifth spot with McCann in toe.

The battle for the podium spots got intense with four laps to go as Paradzinski got into Snow with four laps to go, but was unable to make the move work as he fell back in line in third. Strutt continued to run fourth ahead of McCann, as the only battle happening was Ember Junkin and Brooks side-by-side for 11th.

Kris Khan picked up the win ahead of Noel Snow. The pair are now locked into the front row for the Autumn Colours Classic in October. Johnny Paradzinski and Kevin Strutt finished third and fourth to lock themselves into 13th and 14th for the event. They do have the option to try and improve their starting spot through the qualifying heats on Thanksgiving weekend.

Tyler Junkin finished fifth, ahead of Andy McCann, Thomas Dunn, Rob Harwood, Willow Barberstock, and Ember Junkin. Gil Brooks finished 11th, followed by Neil Bennett, Steve Brier, Dan Demers, Kent Missions, Neil Hannah, Steve McNevin, George Novis, and Marilyn Junkin.


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