Anthony DiBello Survives Crazy Chase for the Colours Feature for Victory

Anthony DiBello continues to add to his success at Peterborough Speedway, as the current points leader and defending track champion scored the victory in the Chase for the Colours feature on Sunday.

Dan Archibald won the first heat ahead of Chris Allard, Carson Nagy, Bailey Jacobs, Brad Lavalle, Tyler Bouillon, Brandon Feeney, Tom Podd, and Paul Boundy.

Ken Grubb won the second heat ahead of Anthony DiBello, Fedele DiBello, James Townsend, Steve Mayhew, Darrell Toms, Jessica Pasinetti, and Kyle Gordon. The event didn’t run cleanly, with a caution on Lap 5 for Rob Richards spinning, and a caution on the restart for Gordon spinning Pasinetti.

The third heat did not go pretty as there was a significant wreck partway through involving Lavalle and Podd. Carson Nagy picked up the win ahead of Jacobs, Archibald, Allard, Adam Misener, Bouillon, and Boundy.

James Townsend won the fourth heat ahead of Fedele DiBello, Anthony DiBello, Grubb, Mayhew, Toms, Pasinetti, Richards, Gordon and Coltin Everingham.

Come feature time, it’d be James Townsend starting pole ahead of Fedele DiBello, Anthony DiBello, Ken Grubb, Carson Nagy, Dan Archibald, Chris Allard, Bailey Jacobs, Steve Mayhew, Tyler Bouillon, Darrell Toms, Jessica Pasinetti, Adam Misener, Paul Boundy, Rob Richards, Brandon Feeney and Kyle Gordon.

Townsend jumped out the early lead ahead of Anthony DiBello, with Nagy and Grubb side-by-side for third. Nagy grabbed the third spot on Lap 2, with Allard getting alongside Grubb next. Behind them, Archibald ran sixth ahead of Mayhew as Jacobs and Fedele DiBello ran side-by-side for eighth. DiBello got the spot, getting alongside Mayhew for seventh a lap later.

Allard was able to clear Grubb for fourth on Lap 5, with Archibald following him through for fifth. Grubb now ran sixth ahead of Fedele DiBello, Jacobs, Mayhew, Toms, Bouillon, Richards, Pasinetti, Gordon, Misener, Boundy and Feeney.

At the front of the field, Anthony DiBello kept himself right on Townsend’s bumper, completing the pass for the top spot on Lap 12 and bringing Nagy through with him. Townsend now ran third ahead of Allard, Archibald, Grubb, Fedele DiBello, Jacobs, Mayhew, Toms, Richards and Bouillon. Pasinetti continued to run 13th as of Lap 16 ahead of Gordon and Boundy as Misener headed down pit road.

The action on-track got interesting on Lap 19 with Richards getting alongside Toms for 10th at Lap 19 ahead of Bouillon, Pasinetti, and Gordon. Richards got the spot, followed by passing Mayhew for ninth on Lap 20.

From the point Anthony DiBello took the lead, Nagy stayed right close on his back bumper even with him, poised to make his move. Unfortunately, Nagy never got a chance as he would blow the motor on Lap 21, with Allard spinning in the oil and hitting the wall for a flat tire.

DiBello got a good restart to keep the lead, but it was Fedele DiBello making the move as he passed Archibald to move into second on Lap 24. Grubb ran fourth ahead of Jacobs, Townsend, Bouillon, Richards, Pasinetti and Toms. Allard was trying to make a return back to the front, but ended up going down pit road under green at Lap 27 with a problem.

The action on-track got interesting with Pasinetti getting alongside Richards for eighth at Lap 29, completing the pass a lap later. Behind them, Toms ran 10th ahead of Gordon, Mayhew, Feeney and Boundy.

Through lap traffic, the battle up front got interesting as Archibald was able to use it to his advantage, retaking the second spot back from Fedele DiBello on Lap 33. The caution then flew two laps later as a result of Gordon stopping in turn two with a problem.

Anthony DiBello got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Archibald, Fedele DiBello, Grubb, Jacobs and Bouillon. The battle for third then turned messy, though, with both Fedele DiBello and Grubb sliding through the backstretch grass together for the second caution.

Anthony DiBello got another good restart, with Jacobs passing Archibald for the runner-up spot. However, the caution flew once again as Fedele DiBello spun off turn four, and then was slow at getting going, resulting in the field getting backed up and Pasinetti also going around.

That would be the last caution of the race, but it was a messy ending as on the last lap, Toms and Richards got together off turn four.

Anthony DiBello picked up the victory ahead of Dan Archibald. The pair are now locked into the front row for the Autumn Colours Classic in October. Bailey Jacobs and James Townsend finished third and fourth to lock themselves into 13th and 14th for the event. They do have the option to try and improve their starting spot through the qualifying heats on Thanksgiving weekend.

Tyler Bouillon finished fifth ahead of Fedele DiBello, Steve Mayhew, Darrell Toms, Ken Grubb and Jessica Pasinetti. Rob Richards finished 11th ahead of Paul Boundy, Brandon Feeney, Chris Allard, Kyle Gordon, Carson Nagy, Adam Misener, Tom Podd, Brad Lavalle and Coltin Everingham.


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