Peterborough Speedway

Griffin Powell Scores Pole Position for Four Fun Chase for the Colours

A past Autumn Colours Classic winner, Griffin Powell knows what it means to win the big event of the season. Now when the green flag is flown in October, he will have the front row seat as he scored the victory in Sunday’s Chase for the Colours at Peterborough Speedway.

Sean Kennedy won the first heat ahead of Malcolm MacDonald, Keith Parkes, Jassen Whyte, Rob Crick, Jeff Stewart, Connor Parkes, Scott Craig, Joshua Munro, and Raymond Boundy.

Griffin Powell won the second heat ahead of Jacob Kelly, Jeremy Kelly, Glen Harrington, the 85, Shawn Solomon, Mike Feeney, Robert Morgan, Andrew Quibell, Mitch Cook, Chris Tubman, and Scott Simpson.

Connor Parkes won the third heat ahead of Keith Parkes, Kennedy, Dave Feeney, Whyte, MacDonald, Munro, Stewart, Boundy, and Crick.

Apologies on missing the fourth and final heat, but it was Jeremy Kelly picking up the victory.

Come feature time, it’d be Keith Parkes starting on pole ahead of Jeremy Kelly, Sean Kennedy, Griffin Powell, Jacob Kelly, Malcolm MacDonald, Connor Parkes, Jassen Whyte, Dave Feeney, Shawn Solomon, Robert Morgan, Jeff Stewart, Andrew Quibell, Mike Feeney, Joshua Munro, Mitch Cook, Chris Tubman, Raymond Boundy, Rob Crick and Scott Craig.

Off the drop of the green flag, it’d be Jeremy Kelly grabbing the early advantage as Jacob Kelly moved into second by Lap 5 ahead of Powell, with Kennedy alongside Parkes for fourth ahead of MacDonald. Powell then got alongside Jacob Kelly or second at Lap 7, completing the pass as Kennedy looked to follow him through. Parkes now ran fifth ahead of MacDonald and Whyte.

Behind them, Connor Parkes ran eighth as of Lap 10 with Solomon and Quibell side-by-side for ninth. Quibell got the spot a lap later ahead of Solomon as Dave Feeney rounded out the top-11. Further up the field, Jacob Kelly was finally able to clear Kennedy for third at Lap 12.

With 13 laps on the board, Jeremy Kelly continued to lead ahead of Powell, Jacob Kelly, Kennedy, Keith Parkes, MacDonald, Connor Parkes, Quibell and Feeney. Powell was able to track down Jeremy Kelly for the lead, though, getting alongside him for the top spot at Lap 17. He then completed the pass a lap later, easily setting sale as Parkes got alongside Kennedy for fourth. Parkes easily completed the pass, as Kennedy headed down pit road on Lap 20 with a problem.

The rest of the feature ran cleanly without incident or caution, and without much battling among the leaders as they waved their way through the lap traffic.

Griffin Powell picked up the win ahead of Jeremy Kelly. The pair are now locked into the front row for the Autumn Colours Classic in October. Jacob Kelly and Keith Parkes finished third and fourth to lock themselves into 13th and 14th for the event. They do have the option to try and improve their starting spot through the qualifying heats on Thanksgiving weekend.

Malcolm MacDonald finished fifth, ahead of Jassen Whyte, Connor Parkes, Andrew Quibell, Dave Feeney and Jeff Stewart. Mike Feeney finished 11th, followed by Mitch Cook, Joshua Munro, Raymond Boundy, Chris Tubman, Shawn Solomon, Scott Craig, Sean Kennedy, Robert Morgan and Rob Crick. Colin Parkes finished 21st, followed by Scott Simpson, Glen Harrington and Dylan Wills.

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